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Facebook knocks Datalogix For Ad Tracking

Facebook has stepped more inside regarding the data work and has tied up with datalogix ( a data company that specializes in tracking consumer behavior ) to better understand user behavior and the effectiveness of different in-site advertisements.Also the goal is to measure the effectiveness of Facebook ads for large brands at scale. All Facebook advertiser won’t be utilizing…

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Mobile catching up to TV

Strange but true that today people are spending as much time as they spend watching TV and which is great news for the mobile advertiser that they can utilize this benefit of users using mobile as media to entertain them.Recently survey gave this result that mobile is catching up to time spent on TV.If you…

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Facebook and Twitter improving ad targeting

Facebook and twitter both were working on the behavior targeting capabilities and they have finally enhanced their targeting features so as enabling advertisers to better target the social sites’ users. Facebook is in mood to update ad retargeting based on users’ email addresses, phone numbers and app user identities soon.This will enable advertisers to reach Facebook users who are…

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