The Six Degrees of Digital Marketing Improvement

Every brand understands the need for prosperity in the digital realm. Whether the goal is to sell products, provide services or supply information to a specific audience, attracting the right people and convincing them to take the desired action(s) remains a goal of virtually every entity online. Arguably the only way to accomplish this is through a combination of digital marketing efforts, each of which can provide serious benefit when pursued properly.

With digital marketing now more complex than ever, implementing the right strategies can mean the difference between success and failure for a brand. Whether the target audience is being pitched to on social media, via email, through search engines or all of the above, knowing the intricacies of the art requires a variety of skill sets.

Businesses and brands focused on marketing should draw inspiration from a variety of sources, with several forms of education providing insight into how best to reach, persuade, and keep both customers and subscribers. While marketing may often be viewed as rather singular, several types of college degrees provide critical skills that enhance its potential. As such, let’s examine six degrees besides marketing that can dramatically improve the outcome of any digital marketing effort.


To understand the inherent aspects of why marketing is important, students must first understand how the human mind operates. For ages, businesses have sought to use customers’ own minds against them in a variety of ways; through the use of psychology, marketers can unlock the secrets of consumer purchasing decisions, both online and in physical shopping settings.

As such, those who pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology are well-primed to assist businesses in the world of marketing. While it is likely that other, more business-related skill-sets and degrees will be needed to effectively market a brand online, having help from someone who has a background in psychology – or simply pursuing some lower-level classes yourself – can make a huge difference in how effective each digital marketing campaign will be.

Supply Chain Management

There are many aspects relevant to marketing that may not initially be considered when designing campaigns or targeting audiences. Effective digital marketing takes into account how the customer feels and responds before, during and after purchasing an item or engaging with a brand. This is particularly relevant in generating repeat business and loyal subscribers.

Supply chain management is another area of study that affects the long-term outcome of marketing. Those who have earned an MS in supply chain management online or through a traditional university become better equipped at ensuring their brands’ products are adequately stocked and that the consumer experience is optimized for speed and enjoyment. When prospective customers can’t buy the products they’re looking for because they’re out of stock or delivery takes weeks, they’re not likely to make that purchase or return for more. Those who study supply chain management understand this importance. As such, pursuing a BS or MS in supply chain management online or in-person is indirectly a very valuable degree for digital marketing outcomes.

Business Administration

Probably one of the first fields of study people might assume when considering the importance of digital marketing, business administration remains a popular degree program for many reasons. Ultimately, every aspect of an online brand or business – or even those merely utilizing the internet for marketing purposes – can be improved by pursuing a degree in business administration.

In this vital degree program, students will master the art of juggling day-to-day responsibilities, making viable business plans and ensuring finances are kept in order. Particularly with respect to budgeting, a background in business administration helps entrepreneurs better utilize their ad budgets by knowing how much to spend for maximum results, how to calculate ROI, and how to present marketing campaigns with a sense of professionalism.

Digital Media

It should go without saying that any digital marketing effort is enhanced by degrees and studies involving digital media. This particular field of study involves topics pertaining to photography and graphic design, computer programming, animation, and broadcasting. One can easily see how a variety of these skill-sets – whether pursuing a bachelor’s degree or a master’s – would be invaluable to any brand pursuing digital marketing efforts.

By providing vital guidance in a variety of areas inherently linked to one or more forms of digital marketing, a degree in digital media helps better improve the look and feel of online campaigns. The benefits of doing that are obvious.


Since the primary goal of digital marketing is to communicate effectively with an audience and convince them to act, it stands to reason that those who pursue degrees in communication can be strong marketers themselves. By enrolling in a communications studies program with the intent of pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree, students will cultivate a variety of skills that enhance the effectiveness of any marketing campaign.

For those who go into marketing beginning in college, many choose to pursue communications as a minor. Regardless of whether one majors or minors in the field, it proves to be invaluable in the world of digital marketing. From producing superior ad copy to effectively combining images with text for optimal results, those who pursue communications can be formidable in the online battle for increased reach.


Last but definitely not least, having a good understanding of the numbers is crucial for most day-to-day aspects of business. When marketing to the masses, this skill becomes even more valuable. Those with a degree in statistics can provide tangible value to digital marketing efforts – particularly on the back-end.

By evaluating the performance of each campaign, statistics majors can help better understand the analytical aspects of marketing. What may seem like complete gibberish to some entrepreneurs will suddenly make perfect sense to those who have a background in statistics.

While marketing has its own direct skills and formal education, the broader topic is influenced by many others. These six degrees and areas of study all can prove to be valuable components for any brand pursuing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. By surrounding your brand with those who have these skills, the chances for long-term success and better ROI are significantly increased.

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