What exactly is a #hashtag?

Hashtag provides a way to categorize the content on social media.  Users can find the relevant information by searching with the keyword which the hashtag contains. You can start a new conversation and have others join in or you can look for any existing discussion and become a part of it. One can get regular updates related to any ongoing global event. It enhances the visibility of your post which benefits the marketers in business. Social media is loaded with content and hashtag is an effective means to locate what you exactly need. 

History of Hashtag:

Prior to 2007, # was referred to as pound symbol.  But 23rd August changed the fate of this symbol. The idea of using hashtag in online post featured for the first time on twitter. Chris Messina (hashtag inventor) came up with the idea of posting content with hashtag which could help in segregating content on the basis of topic and forming community of users. In 2009, Twitter officially agreed to use hashtag feature and introduced hyperlink feature on tweet.

Hashtag on social media:

The effectiveness of any digital marketing campaign is measured primarily in terms of the number of online users it is able to reach out to who ends up engaging with the campaign. Owing to their extremely high user engagement rate, social media platforms like Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram,  Pinterest have become the most preferred avenue for endorsing a product.

Twitter: It is where the journey of hashtag began and soon grabbed the attention of user’s worldwide.  Posts with hashtag on twitter increases the user engagement and gets more views. Brands can reach out to target audiences with specific messages which provide improved results. Users can search trending conversations with hashtag and can join the same.

Instagram: Post 2011, Instagram officially allowed linking hashtag on posts.  It works a bit differently when it comes to number of hashtag in each post. More is considered good; posts with more no. of hashtag are expected to engage larger audience.  One advantage of using Instagram is you can try all sorts of hashtags and identify the ones which bring you more audience.

Facebook: Use of hashtag is least effective on Facebook as the profiles are usually private and posts don’t reach beyond family and friends.  Hashtag works best on facebook if the profiles are public so that users can search posts with hashtag and can connect to it. Just one or two hashtag on each post should be enough and one must avoid using excessive hashtags. 

Points to remember while using hashtag:

  • Limit the use of the hashtag to not more than one to two in each post.
  • Only on Instagram, one should focus on using more number of hashtags.
  • Try using a specific keyword as hashtag which is more likely to be searched by the users.  Hashtag should clearly indicate what it’s referring to.
  • Avoid using long strings as a hashtag and stick to short words.  Long strings are least expected to be searched by the users.
  • Knowledge of target audience is essential before selecting the hashtag.  You must know the interest of your users and what keywords they are most likely to search for.
  • Always link hashtag with a meaning – Hashtag’s true power comes when it becomes fun for a larger part of the community and engages in the conversation.
  • Use a hashtag that people wouldn’t be afraid to write down – Imagine yourself as a personal photo to Instagram – what hashtags do you use? Exactly. Simple, funny, easy to remember, sometimes very sophisticated. So don’t be overwhelmed with the company’s communication, be earthy.
  • Encourage engagement – Hashtag is basically used to draw attention, make a conversation, and perfect, if the action is still successful.

Advantages of using hashtag:

  • It enhances the reach of posts as relevant and interested users to able to locate and connect with the brand.
  • Users can join an ongoing conversation and also have the option of building a community for people to discuss common topics.
  • Brands can use customized hashtags like the name of the brand which helps in creating awareness about the brand.
  • One can search for trending topics and try using them on your posts which certainly attracts a larger group of audience.

20 popular hashtag across the world:

  1. #love
  2. #instagood
  3. #photooftheday
  4. #fashion
  5. #beautiful
  6. #happy
  7. #cute
  8. #tbt
  9. #like4like
  10. #followme
  11. #picoftheday
  12. #follow
  13. #me
  14. #selfie
  15. #summer
  16. #art
  17. #instadaily
  18. #friends
  19. #repost
  20. #nature

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