Power editor has multiple reasons over Facebook advertising manager. Let’s go through the 15 Reasons why you should use the Power Editor to create Facebook ads.

  1. Always have the latest features:

As soon as Facebook announces new features related to advertising, they are available to advertisers in the Power Editor. Frequently changes and extensions follow weeks later in the advertising ad manager.

  1. Save and reuse target groups:

Frequently used target groups can be saved in the Power Editor and can be re-used later on new ads. This saves a lot of time on the one hand and helps to avoid routine errors on the other hand.

  1. Selection of placements:

The selection of advertising placements is much easier, also advertising ads for the pure mobile placement can be selected, for example, it can be selected in such a way, that only users, which are currently connected by Wi-Fi are addressed. Especially when playing video ads this function can be a big advantage.

  1. Dark Posts:

A meaningful and valuable function in the power editor is the creation of so-called Dark Posts. Dark Posts are advertisements that are not displayed on the Facebook page but can be used for advertising purposes. For example, A / B tests can be made with different contributions, without being played in the newsfeed of the fans of the Facebook page. In this way, targeted ads can also be created for display in the newsfeed. A good working Dark post can be published at any time in the newsfeed.

  1. Create posts for the Facebook page:

Problems creating posts on a Facebook page? Incorrectly drawn or missing image within a link contribution? No problem. Via the Power Editor, the usual contributions such as status message, picture, video, offer, and link can be published on the page. All the elements can be entered manually, in addition, call-to-action buttons can be added to link contributions, which is not possible via the normal publisher on the Facebook page.

  1. Carousel Ads with auto-optimization:

The popular Carousel Ads (ex Multi-Product Ads) can be created by the advertiser as well as by the Power Editor. In the Power Editor, however, there is also the possibility to optimize the order of images and links through the Ad Server, i.e. the images with the highest click performance are automatically displayed first.

  1. More than one conversion pixel:

Also, a great way to provide the Power Editor around the Conversion Pixels would be the Advertisements Manager only one Conversion Pixels can be selected, with the help of Power Editor multiple conversion pixels can be easily selected. Thus, more than one target can be tracked simultaneously on the web page.

  1. Quickly create ad groups and advertisements:

Especially advertisers, who set up a lot of advertisements on Facebook, will love the Power Editor. The creation of several advertising ad groups and advertising ads contained therein is much faster and more efficient with the Power Editor. For example, complete advertising ad groups can be copied and inserted with the corresponding advertising ads. Thus, different target groups and placements can be adapted relatively quickly and easily.

  1. Copy and reuse campaigns:

Also very efficient is copying and reusing existing campaigns. If for example, similar campaigns are abandoned, older existing campaigns can be copied and reused so easily and quickly. It is also possible to create templates for certain types of campaigns so that they can be adopted quickly and easily without the complex settings being necessary again.

  1. Batch editing:

Highly efficient is the use of batch editing. This feature allows you to customize several advertising ad groups as well as advertisements within a very short time. If for example, the age or geographic settings have to be changed in several advertising ad groups, all the advertisements concerned can be marked and adapted in a single pass.

  1. Use of tags:

A big help in the organization of campaigns, advertising groups, and advertising is the use of tags. In addition to filter possibilities and search, the assigned tags can also be used for recovery and organization.

  1. More control:

In almost all areas, the Power Editor offers much more functions than the advertising ad manager. Accordingly, settings can be made more granular.

  1. More detailed information on the target group:

The prediction of the target group size is much better in the Power Editor. While in the advertising ad manager the smallest value for a target group is 1000 persons, a smaller target group is still displayed exactly in the power editor. The following example with a target group from my Facebook site makes this clear.

  1. Target group subdivisions:

Especially in the case of performance marketing campaigns, it makes sense to create very individual target groups. The splitting of target groups can be performed very elegantly via the target group plotting in the Power Editor. You can even choose whether the budget should also be split or multiplied accordingly.

  1. Automatic labeling of advertising groups and advertisements:

Who works with many advertising ad groups and advertisements knows the problem with the meaningful labeling. Advertiser groups and advertisements can be selected automatically in the Power Editor by means of settings according to specifications.

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