What is Participation Branding?

Participation Branding In today’s era, just mere advertising is not enough to grab the attention of the customers. As per a survey, 89% of the advertising goes unnoticed or is not remembered by the customer. Apart from that, every 1 out of 3 internet user has an Ad blocking software Continue Reading

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What is ads.txt? How does it work?

Programmatic Buying emerged as a revolution for advertising industry as it automated the buying and selling of ad inventory. It brought efficient way to serve right ad to the right customer. But as they say, each coin has two sides, even programmatic buying has. One side is the revolution that Continue Reading

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Crowdsourcing in Advertising

It’s been a decade now since Advertising industry first heard something known as ” Crowdsourcing”. But off late the businesses have been keen on capitalizing the benefits which it brings to the table. Crowdsourcing: To simply put, the term crowdsourcing means outsourcing the designated task to the undefined, unknown large Continue Reading

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