Billions of websites are fighting for the attention of potential readers and subscribers through the content they publish. Billions of new material are published every day. This is a very complex, but at the same time effective way to compete. Therefore, in this article, we decided to collect the most useful tools, the use of which will give you the opportunity to take a step forward with the help of cool content that you will create.

Generating Best Ideas

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Looking for the topis was never so easy. Just enter three nouns related to the sphere you want to write for, and this tool will give you five blog post topic ideas instead.

The Latest

If you want to provide your readers with the hottest topics, feel free to check here. All the most important and relevant news, ideas, events, and innovations are published here almost instantly.

If you want to write the articles based on the list of something best or the most useful (just as this one is created), choose this platform to get more ideas.


This platform gathers the most discussed topics from the most popular website in the world so this is a good place to start looking for something relevant.

Google Trends

This is one more tool from Google that will help you to discover the most interesting, trendy and discussed topics at the moment. Use the search by country if you need to know what is relevant now for a particular community and come up with relevant ideas being guided by the results.

Picking Up The Right Keywords

Google Keyword Planner

This is the most advanced tool to look for the right keywords that are used by SEO professionals from all over the world. Its interface is a little bit complicated but having coping with it, you will be able to get really perfect matches and stay sure you will be able to make your content google friendly

Keyword Tool

This tool will be useful not only when you are looking for the keywords but when you need to come up with new topics as well. It will offer you long-tailed keywords that will help you to find out the specific queries people are typing, and fill in the gaps with your new articles.

Term Explorer

The essence of this tool is in the fact that you can get 10,000 related results just entering the one term to the search bar. It is capable of the deepest research possible, plus a possibility to analyze the semantic core of the competitive websites.


The distinctive feature of this tool is the possibility to find out what keywords are using by your competitors. The following steps are up to you – you may try to do the same, or develop your personal SEO strategy based on the knowledge you have got.


The name of this tool accurately reflects its essence. It works very fast, and the results are accurate to the point of impossibility. If you want to save time, but pay for the exact result, feel free to use it.

Looking for the Right Words to Fit Your Content

Words to Use

This is a user-friendly tool that offers you the list of worlds collected by topic that will definitely suit best.

Cliche Finder

Nothing is as annoying as cliches, like a team of professionals and the highest service, especially in selling texts. Use the aforementioned service to find and neutralize less obvious clichés and hackneyed phrases.


This app for Mac will help you to transform your idea into a decent piece of content – starting from the book and ending with an essay paper.

The Historical Dictionary of American Slang

This dictionary will be very interesting and useful if you need to specify the meaning of a slang word to use it properly. It is noteworthy that the tool offers to track how the slang words and their meanings have changed over centuries so it will be quite interesting for linguistic research.

RhymeZone’s Related-Words Search

If you have a feeling that some word you use does not fit the context perfectly, try to search for the related one with this tool.

Boosting the Writing Process

Google Docs

This is one of the most world-popular writing tools that provide you with an unlimited number of documents to create directly from your Gmail box. Its opportunities are almost unlimited – you may write texts, add tables, make lists, choose from the thousands of fonts, leave comments and suggest improvements as well as easily share your doc with the members of the team.

Reedsy Book Editor

If you are writing a book, this tool will help you to stay concentrated, format your writing, come up with the right words and clearly organize your writings into chapters.


If you are looking for a way to really boost your writing process, it will be easily done with the help of this app. Just ask for help here – and you will get any piece of content that will definitely meet your requirements.


Sometimes the best way to write a really high-quality article for your blog, for example, is to make sure that you are already done with other important tasks. Ask these guys to help you with your studies, and in the meanwhile, you will be able to fully concentrate on your writings.

Making Your Texts More Readable


This is a very intuitive and easy to use tool that will help you to improve your readability. The app especially focuses on finding the sentences that are too long, as well as the usage of passive voice and unnecessary adverbs.


This is a professional tool that allows improving the readability of webpages, documents, e-mails, and even eBooks. It is also able to provide you with comprehensive content analysis to determine the points that need to be fixed.

Proofreading and Editing


This is the most popular writing assistant that easily copes with typos, extra spaces, as well as checks your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. But be attentive  -sometimes Grammarly offers suggestions that maybe not right in your context.

Language Tool

It works just like Grammarly but its checking algorithms are more sophisticated, and there is a feature to improve the style of your writing as well.

All-in-one Tools to Consider

Pro Writing Aid

This is a really comprehensive tool that can be installed on your desktop. It allows you to write text directly in it, get notes on how to improve your wordings, fix mistakes and typos, check for plagiarism and edit your piece of content according to the results.


If you need a really ready-made solution for content creation, pay attention to this website. Of course, it is very nice to be able to do everything yourself, but if you have strict time limits, you may get a paper from here without sacrificing quality.


If you are working in the e-learning segment and need content that will be already perfectly written, checked, edited and proofread in a few clicks, there is no better place than to order it here.


As you can see, it is not enough to come up with just a piece of paper. You need to make sure that your idea is relevant, make your article SEO-friendly, make sure to write in one style, avoid cliches, keep an eye on readability and plagiarism. Feel free to use our list to gradually cope with all these tasks and transform your content from good to the perfect one.

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