Creating videos for your video marketing strategy can get pricey. Even with a makeshift setup, you’re looking at a chunk of change for the equipment alone. Bringing in acting and post-production talent further ups the costs.

What can you do to keep your online video marketing budget manageable? We got you.

The following guide provides excellent money-saving ideas for your video content creation. It also shares a couple of helpful resources that you might want to add to the toolbox. So, get your notes ready because this piece is bound to be worth its while!

1. Encourage User Created Content

Peer influence has a huge impact on one’s shopping habits and decisions. Seeing a product used by someone they trust and follow carries weight. Hearing that somebody recommending the product is often as strong as if said by a close friend!

User-Generated Content (UGC) is the perfect way to:

  • Get free content showing off your product or service
  • Influence and encourage sales through recommendations
  • Discover die-hard fans worth reaching out to and working with

The best part? Clients and fans create and share this for free. Your brand gets free exposure when they’re on YouTube, TikTok, and other video channels.

Encourage user content with your video strategy:

  • Hold contests where users submit videos as entries
  • Get on the streets and record people using your products
  • Have employees share their interaction on camera

You can use these videos as part of a larger digital marketing strategy. Try republishing or placing the videos in email marketing campaigns or on your blog! A blog post including the video and its transcript is easy content that gets ranked in Google, too!

The price to get started with all this? Free!

2. Use Free Elements and Creative Commons Video

A small video team can’t possibly create a massive catalog needed for every project they work on. It would cost far too much money to hire talent for every b-roll shot. Or, covering licensing when the project calls for images and music.

Luckily there are many sources that offer free media to the community. You can find everything from free music for videos to royalty-free images, and more! 

You typically get two options with the media files:

  • Modify and adapt for personal use
  • Use for commercial purposes

The personal use items are best suited for personal projects. These items are free as long as you’re not turning a profit off the work. The later, commercial use, lets you set up attribution for work that would make money.

3. Reuse and Remix Content

Suppose you have a great blog post… why not reuse it as the script of a video! This could cut out a lot of development time and costs. You could even reuse some of the images, further keeping the budget on track.

Try this:

  1. Open your site’s analytics
  2. Find the top 5 popular blog posts
  3. Rework the content into a readable script
  4. Hop in front of the camera and read off the script
  5. Add some b-roll, make your edits, and publish

There you go — a super simple, effective, and affordable video strategy!

Do More With Your Video Marketing Strategy

Online content consumption has already made the shift to video. This is where you’ll connect with the community and potential clients the most. It’s essential that you have a video marketing strategy to stay competitive in your niche.

There are a million ways to explore video content.

Why not take a look around on our site for more insights and guides! We offer many awesome insights into how to connect and build audiences. See what you can find and add that to your video efforts!

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