Online advertising seems easy, but optimal results cannot be achieved without proper measures. As a business or brand owner, knowing the latest digital marketing trends is essential to thriving within your niche or competitive industry.

In order to excel, having prior knowledge about different trends and digital marketing strategies is crucial. Many renowned institutes offer online masters in digital marketing and other programs that assist in developing your knowledge and skills to implement these trends effectively. Here are four trends that you should consider utilizing to maintain your brand’s presence in 2022:

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is prevalent in almost all fields around us. The digital marketing domain also benefits from AI, and with advancements in technology, global digital marketers have been using it as an effective trend to gain traffic and revenue. Generally, brands and businesses can use AI in two ways:

  • As a backend for programmatic advertising, forecasting a product’s or service’s demand, creating customer profiles, and more.
  • As a customer-facing solution to improve user experience and overall brand image.

Artificial intelligence can be incorporated into chat boxes, predictive advertising, image recognition technology, and more to ensure customer satisfaction.

Short Videos

Video marketing is an excellent digital marketing trend that is highly effective at attracting high traffic. The popularity of video marketing is evident in the fact that in 2021, 91.4% of global audience reach was reported for streaming and watching online videos.

Many businesses have started utilizing popular platforms like Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts, and TikTok to create short video content for promoting their products and services. Short videos enable your brand to engage with your customers effectively and even allow you to reach an audience that you never thought of targeting.

These days, consumers find video advertising more credible than simple written blogs or advertisements with still images with descriptive text. Along with keeping the audience engaged, creating short video content can maintain your brand or business’s credibility and reputation in the industry and among the audience.

Another excellent feature to add to these benefits is that video content helps in boosting ranking on search engines like Google. Combining short-form videos with your digital marketing strategy can quickly and effectively improve your SEO ranking and secure better traffic.

You can create short video content that may be educational, informal, or formal, depending upon what receives a better reaction from your targeted audience. Make sure your short videos remain relevant to your business or brand and upload new content at planned intervals, so your consumers remain engaged.

The Metaverse

Adopting fresh strategies is considered a smart tactic in the digital marketing domain. If you have the resources, considering a metaverse for digital marketing can make you an innovative brand amongst consumers.

The metaverse merges the digital and physical world and is engineered to allow people to experience an immersive environment where they can socialize, learn, shop, and much more. While it is still a developing concept, various leading brands like Gucci and Nike have tapped into it to expand their marketing and witnessed success.

The metaverse incorporates augmented and virtual reality, along with cryptocurrency and NFTs, enabling users to browse stores and make purchases all within a shared virtual space. Once the technology becomes more accessible to people, the metaverse will become a potential marketing tool in the future, revolutionizing the traditional digital marketing trends.


Looking at the bigger picture, it may seem that only macro-influencers contribute to impactful digital marketing. However, with time many businesses are opting to collaborate with micro-influencers, and for good reasons.

Micro-influencers generate a greater return on investment, thanks to their better engagement rates on various social media platforms than macro-influencers. Their market share in 2021 was reported at about 91%, dominating sponsored collaborations.

Micro-influencers are well-known within a particular niche and can help your brand gain a larger targeted audience by promoting your products or services to their trusted followers. Additionally, the best part about adopting this marketing trend is that micro-influencers are more cost-effective compared to their macro counterparts. Digital marketers can run affordable marketing campaigns for growing new businesses and enable them to maintain a genuine connection with their audience traffic. While micro-influencers are favoured by a wide variety of businesses for their advertising power, they’re particularly popular among subscription-based brands. This is because businesses can accurately target niche audiences through micro-influencers, and track the effectiveness of their campaigns by monitoring redemption metrics. Using micro-influencers is one of the best ways to build consumer trust. And once gained, this social proof can quickly turn into tangible profits. For more on how the subscription-based business model works, check Chargebee’s guide on subscription revenue.


Incorporating various latest potential trends into your online marketing strategy will maintain your brand’s presence and effectively communicate your values to your target audience. Many effective ways to make your brand enter the spotlight are through AI, video marketing, influencer marketing, the metaverse, and more. All you need to do is adequate research and select the best trend that works for your niche and audience.

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