The buzz may be too much around but the real fact is that real time advertising is not for all advertisers. Test budget could be fine but before spending the complete budget on it, there should be some check done before diving into it.

Below are the checklists an advertiser should always look for:

  • Is Display Advertising suitable for the product, do the internet has right TG for the product?
  • Stakeholder for the campaign is available or not. Eagle and insight eye is very much required
  • The goal of the campaign, performance or branding?
  • Which bidding strategy is in focus – Retargeting or Prospecting?
  • Budget available? Recommended to have minimum of 3K dollar
  • Time period of campaign – Not recommended for shorter duration campaigns
  • Data Availability – First party data works as a booster for RTA campaigns
  • Multiple creative availabilities – Not recommended to run RTA campaigns with one or two creative
  • Synchronization of creative with landing page is mandatory
  • Past campaign insights – Any kind of display campaign analysis or report will work as an add-on
  • Proper user journey from banner to conversion is recommended
  • Transparency level on the campaigns
  • Deep dive report is available or not?

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