Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an integral part of contemporary Internet marketing. You could be running a virtual business/store/blog. It does not matter. If you wish to welcome more visitors to your website, ensure that its search engine rankings remain at the top always. 

Now, as a novice, you might require some help. Therefore, here are the best SEO tools for beginners. If you wish to go a step further, you can gain practical experience with these tools by opting for an SEO training online.


This tool touches the top of the charts for popularity! As a website owner, you should find it extremely useful. Because it behaves like your secretary! It will keep you updated on back-links. In other words, it helps you keep track of the connections between different websites and yours. You can well imagine what an increasing number of back-links will do for your SEO ranking!

Now, how does Ahrefs do this?

Well, it maintains a humongous database of back-links. At present, the database comprises of approximately 16 trillion, well-known back-links. They extend to around 200 million root domains. You may have to pay for other features of Ahrefs, but the back-link checker is free.

SEO Quake

It is a toolbar extension, provided by SEM Rush. This tool will help you to peruse, save, and compare several search engine parameters. You will be delighted to receive a wealth of useful information via the SEO Quake. 

The features available include Alexa ranking, back-links, Bing index, and so much more. It becomes possible to keep track of visitors, geographical locations, traffic history of a particular site, etc., too. The page exhibiting diagnostics and the cheat sheet should help you discover opportunities and tackle problems, quite quickly.

SEM Rush SEO Toolkit

SEM Rush SEO Toolkit refers to a set of tools. You will have to purchase the kit. It will be well worth it. You will be able to compare page rankings. To illustrate, you may analyze your back-links. This way, you will gain insight into your competitors.

Similarly, you may engage in traffic analytics. The kit allows you to discover useful keywords too. Finally, you may judge the performance of your domains.

Google Optimize

Both novices and professionals should find this tool highly beneficial. It examines the content on your website. For instance, you may wish to adjudge two different web pages. Then again, you may want to compare all the elements present on a page. Improve your content. The visitors to your website will arrive by themselves! Google Optimize also permits personalization.

Moz Pro

This combination of tools performs three functions. It will drive traffic towards your website. It will improve your search engine rankings. It will enhance your domain’s visibility. However, you will need to pay a monthly fee for accessing all the features. One such is the keyword research tool. You will be able to figure out which keywords or keyword combinations work best for you. Another is the Moz Pro Spider. It recommends strategies to tackle potential problems.

Google Search Console

A whole host of tools is keen to help you! They educate you about your website. What is its performance in the marketplace? What are the potential issues that you might face? In short, your website becomes Google-friendly. The Console will help you keep track of Google’s indexing of your web pages. Oh, yes, do refer to the webmaster guidelines whenever you feel the need.

Majestic SEO Tools

They remain one of the oldest tools on display. They came into existence in 2011. They are perfect for improving SEO performance via the monitoring of back-links. Similar to Ahrefs, Majestic has a vast database of back-links. You are welcome to utilize Fresh Index, historical Index, Site Explorer, etc., as you wish. Fresh Index keeps track throughout the day. Historic Index does the job of retrieving data. The Site Explorer keeps an eye on your online business.

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)

As a novice, you will receive training from a master! To illustrate, go to fetch a Google. You will be able to view every URL similarly to Google. Which will help you comprehend why your website is not accessible? Modify your web pages to make them SEO-friendly.

Similarly, you may access Page Speed Insights. They are responsible for conducting speed checks. Check both the mobile and desktop. A third tool is the Structured Data Testing Tool. Is some data incorrect? Does your website require formatting? Let this tool take over!

Live Keyword Analysis

Your keywords are the key to SEO success! Allow this particular to take charge of keyword density. As soon as you type in your keywords, the tool takes over. At the same time, edit and proofread your content. Readability is essential. This tool is of great help to copywriters.

Google Ad Words Keyword Planner

Do you know which keywords will work for you? If you do not, how will your web copy work in your favor? Therefore, take the help of this free tool. It gives you suggestions regarding keywords. It has the intelligence to provide apt keyword phrases to describe your product/service. Your website becomes a ‘resolution’ machine for all. A browser will find answers to his/her questions. Alternatively, he/she may find a solution to his/her problem.

SEO Spider

You guessed it right! This is a web crawler, which comes at a price! What does it do? It seeks out friendly URLs for you. You are welcome to keep your URL equally close, relevant, readable, and straightforward. Which is not all? The Spider can display the broken pages on your website too. Use it to figure out how many links to place on a web page. In short, let it guide you in the best SEO practices.

We have not exhausted the list of SEO tools. There are several more. Additionally, experts keep coming up with newer ones all the time. However, the ones mentioned above should suffice for now. Try them out. As you gain more expertise, you can seek out more sophisticated tools.

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