Technology is something that never stops in any field. In digital advertising audience targeting is majorly done by the use of cookie or by site or page scan which no doubt works great but the issue that is rising these days is about online privacy which is also a major concern that to be kept in mind. Even the third party cookies are being disabled worldwide now thus indirectly affecting the targeting capabilities. Privacy concern being the top priority there is only one way left out to come out of this fuss is using the best technology to target audience without affecting the privacy of any user.

As I mentioned technology is something which never stops and if that doesn’t stop no one can stop the success. DynAdmic, a premium video ad marketplace came up with a proprietary audio recognition technology that allows advertisers to access programmatic ad inventories and continues to reach their audiences, with or without cookies. It is something which is different, latest and also ensures brand safety, adding a layer of protection based on the video’s content, plus quality, accuracy and transparency is always a part in between.
To understand the concept behind the technology it is something totally based on audio recognition, the technology analyzes audio track of the video and extracts the keywords and context. Using the keywords the users are shown the ad relevant to the video which ensures hyper and accurate targeting which indirectly adds to higher engagement.

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DynAdmic is the only company who has come up with this audio technology and is doing great job!

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