Creative Optimization is also important, indirectly the creative look and feel is important to bring success. There some basic ten points that always needs to be in mind before making a creative which can help in better optimization of creative. If the creative made looks very attractive, doesn’t mean it will attract to get conversion or high CTR, it may turn out to be positive and the creative start to irritate users. There are number of things that needs to be kept in mind before making any creative. The format differs as per the campaign but there are some common 10 points that can help in getting high CTR or conversion and can apply on all different campaign’s creative.

The 10 best practices are:

  1. Small File Size – Lesser the size, faster will be the download of the creative and will also remain in the field of view longer. Making the creative heavy creates discrepancy in the numbers!
  2. Animate Wisely – A very important point is to animate wisely, as animation attracts users but over-animation can turn out to be negative. So don’t miss your potential customers by over-animating!
  3. Call to Action –  Nothing is old fashioned as today also  “Click Here” improves the  click rate.  The strong and simple calls to action are still effective and brings good CTR.
  4. Use HTML – Eye movement studies suggest that people hunt for underlined links so to get high CTR try using links.
  5. Create ads that aren’t ads – Don’t try to over exaggerate your creative, make it simple and design so as it blends with the context of the page.Generally ads are created to out stand the base but its not a good approach. Be simple and innovative.
  6. Be the headline, not the fine print – Minimize the number of words in the sales pitch and use the largest font possible as no one reads the whole creative, use the base line with bigger font so that the important message reaches the user even if the user is not interested to know about what the ad is about.
  7. Create urgency – One of the best practice to attract users is to use such colors and such animation that exude urgency and will ultimately results in high CTR.
  8. Star Power – Celebrity likeness or major brand icons increase credibility and can improve CTR and conversion rates.
  9. Show the Product.
  10. Play Games – Simple interactive games can lead to high CTR.  Conversion ate can improve if the game is relevant to the product or audience.

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