Turning potential customers into lead largely depends on how the brand builds the relationship with them. Brands need to understand that each visitor on the website doesn’t have the same knowledge about their products and they need to be targeted based on how familiar they are with the brand. Asking a first time visitor to engage in buying a product is most likely to shoot them away from the website. Similarly, if the visitor is already aware of your product they should be targeted with information which compels them to buy the stuff. Showing right product to the right audience at right time is of utmost importance for the success of any online campaign.

Each visitor on the website is unique and generic information won’t work for all of them.  Content displayed must be as per their needs and interest.  Before aiming to sell, a brand must aim to educate people about who they are and what products do they offer. First-time visitors must be converted to lead and customers must turn into repeat customers.

Now, What is Online Traffic Temperature?

There are various sources from which a website receives the traffic. Online traffic temperature provides a way of categorizing these traffic sources on the basis of relationship they have with the brand.

Cold Traffic: These are the people who know nothing about the brand and usually land up on the website through social media platforms like Facebook or via search engine results. They do not have any prior knowledge about the brand or its products. Although they are first-time visitors, still there is a scope for brands to establish a relationship with them. If they are provided the required information which they are looking for, there is a high possibility that they may want to know more about the brand. Companies must focus on monitoring the visitor’s online activity and should try to understand their behavior which would enable them to target users with specific information. We shouldn’t strive to engage first-time visitors towards sales rather they should be educated about what the brand does and what services do they offer. Brand should focus on building trust and credibility so that the user gets convinced to engage with the brand. In order to warm the cold traffic, they must be directed to blog, podcast, and videos which provide them deep insights about the brand.

  • It is not at all easy to turn this traffic into a lead. You should focus on getting the email address of the visitors so that they can be forwarded relevant information to entice them towards the using the product.
  • The maximum amount of traffic on any website is cold traffic. Brands must aim to stay in front of their users by sending relevant information which helps them to take the relationship to next level.
  • As we don’t know anything about these users, tracking their browsing behavior will reveal a lot about their interest and the products they buy.

Warm Traffic: These are the people who are aware of the brand and its services. They have visited the website in the past and follow the brand on social platforms but haven’t yet purchased any product. These people are still in the phase of evaluating and comparing among brands to decide which the one that’s worth engaging is. Warm traffic has the most potential of being turned into lead.  People have shown interest in the brand and probably even signed up for the newsletter but still, they are reluctant to become a customer. In order to convince them, the brand needs to run ads which encourages them to convert into a lead.

The ultimate goal of every business is to attain the most number of customers. To accomplish this, the brand needs to focus on people who visit the website, download brochure, sign up for product demos or free trials. They must be targeted and driven to information which proves to be valuable for them. Webinars, product demos, free sign up and free tool are certain content types which can help brand convert warm traffic into hot.

Hot Traffic: These are people who generate revenue for the brand. These are existing customers who already know the brand and well versed with the services they offer.  They trust the company and share a strong bond with them. These people are easily approachable and brands talk to them informally.

Brands must not ignore this traffic thinking they are already on the customer list.  Rather, they must be targeted in such a manner that they continue their association with the brand and buy more and more stuff.  This traffic must be retained for as long as possible. They must be informed before the launch of any new product or service which makes them feel valued by the brand.

  • Hot traffic if made to buy again and again can generate more revenue in less cost.
  • If a customer hasn’t purchased for a long time, they must be reached out by the brand to have them engage again.


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  1. It would be great if you can let us know how can one website owners analyse and capture these audiences separately. Is there any tool or is it GA.

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