After the Facebook has tied up with Datalogix they are trying to come up with some innovation and idea to give it a new start for something great in online advertising.
Brad Smallwood, Facebook’s head of measurement and insights, said ” We ended up in this world where the click is king ” and rest left to disclose at one of the advertising industry’s biggest conferences in New York on Monday.

With some of the information passed by facebook they are coming up with an idea for brand advertiser that they won’t focus much on clicks but on the impressions basically the FREQUENCY of an Ad as per Smallwood clicks are not relevant to brand marketers and marketers can increase the return on investment from their ads by 40 percent by focusing on an ad’s so-called frequency. Instead of one Facebook user seeing an ad 100 times and another user seeing the ad only twice, for example, Facebook says it will soon offer advertisers’ insight on the ideal number of ad impressions for a particular campaign which will definitely benefit the advertisers.
Through its partnership with Datalogix, Facebook says it can now give brand marketers data on the actual in-store sales that their ad campaigns on Facebook have generated – a more useful piece of feedback than total clicks. Datalogix tracks the relationship between ads on Facebook and real-world spending by compiling consumer purchasing information from retail stores and matching it with data about Facebook ad impressions.

With all these new outcomes Facebook’s partnership with Datalogix has also raised complaints from privacy advocates, who say the social networking company could be violating the terms of a privacy settlement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission by not obtaining the express consent of users to share their personal information.

Lets see what hits the market soon !!

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