Google’s TrueView which was launched in 2010 (one of YouTube’s most successful ad formats) is expanding in different formats due to user engaging more on it.Last august true view skippable ads were expanded to mobiles and now they are into Apps and Games.

True View ads come in two forms :

  • Ads with a five seconds countdown timer : This type of ad has option to skip the ad and watch the actual video after 5 seconds or can continue to watch the ad till it ends.









  • True View In-slate : In this true view concept , the user is given three option that how he wants to see the ads.









It is the first time Google will run true view ads against non video inventory and the reason is none other than user is showing interest and watching the true view ads.The ads will now come up with more option before the actual video starts for users to see the ads in which way.

This expansion is expected to bring great response . Let see !

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