Over the years, the way that companies connect with customers has changed drastically. These days, we don’t rely on cold calling and disruptive advertising as much as we used to. Instead, the most innovative companies are constantly searching for ways to bring consumers to them with the promise of excellent entertainment, education, and information.

Content marketing is at the heart of the inbound marketing movement. It’s a strategy that involves sharing valuable content with your audience, in the hope that they’ll reward you. In other words, you post videos, podcasts, and blogs online, and your audience responds by following you on social media, recommending your content to friends, and even purchasing your products. While new strategies for digital marketing are constantly emerging, content is still king for any brand, large or small. Here’s why you can’t afford to overlook it.

Content Empowers Every Marketing Method

Consistent, high-quality, and engaging marketing materials are proven to have a direct impact on the decision making of your target audience. More importantly, if you produce the right pieces of entertainment and information, you also enhance your other advertising strategies too. For instance, a great video can improve your results on social media, because it gives your audience something to share – attracting new potential customers.

An excellent article that engages with your audience strengthens your position in the search engines and ensures that you’re more likely to rank for the right keywords and terms. You can even combine content with intent-focused SEO strategies to ensure that you have a way to connect with your target customer at every point in the buying journey. Focusing on intent also enhances the return on investment that you get from your advertising efforts, by ensuring that you’re pulling the right customers to your business.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about content and its influence on your digital presence, is that this kind of marketing is enduring. Once you’ve produced something amazing that your customers want to read, watch, listen to, or share, the impact of that piece develops compounding interest over time, pulling back more value to your company. That’s a world apart from paid and outbound marketing efforts that force you to constantly reconnect and spend money on re-attracting your audience.

Content is Still King – Even Today

Ultimately, consistency in your brand, and the message that you share with the world is one of the many important factors that determine the growth and potential success of your organization in the years to come. The biggest companies know how to portray the right image to their clients at every potential touchpoint, and they benefit as a result. Producing information or entertainment online is how you continue to keep your brand top of mind for your customers, no matter what other marketing materials they might be exposed to throughout the day. The more you produce, the more chance you have of attracting new traffic and potential leads to your business, on everything from social media to the search engine results pages.

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