Every business owner wants to own a profitable and successful business. Unfortunately, building a thriving brand hasn’t been an easy feat in the last couple of decades.

A few years back, you had to spend a lot of time, resources, and effort on traditional advertising strategies. From newspapers to radio, these marketing methods were not easy to measure and didn’t bring as much ROI.

However, in the current digital era, building a successful brand isn’t that hard, even for small businesses. With many digital advertising options and tools out there, it’s easy to start making significant progress towards your business goals and break-even within just a few months or years in business.

Here are various digital advertising tools to help you put your brand in the masses.

Google Analytics

Having a professional-looking website is critical nowadays. Research from the E-commerce Wiki shows that 88 percent of consumers now research on the internet before purchasing in a store.

Nonetheless, having a website is never enough. You need to gather valuable insights into your site visitors, and there’s no better tool for this than Google analytics.

Paired with Google Search Console, this tool will help you notice any issue on your website and optimize it for traffic.

Some of the things Google analytics will help you achieve include:

  • The interests and demographics of your visitors
  • Keywords internet users are using to find your website
  • The source of your site visitors – from social media, ads, organic search, or another website
  • The number of site visitors by any period you choose, day, week, or month


Digital advertising has become an invaluable component for modern businesses. Whether you run ads on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, or any other platform, it is critical that you get accurate reporting to see how your ads are performing. TapClicks is one of the best self-service ad platforms for just that.

This reporting and analytics marketing tool will help you monitor how your campaigns perform in one dashboard. Not only does this help smaller brands like yours save a significant amount of time, but it also helps in making insightful business decisions.

Hootsuite – Social scheduler platform

Regardless of your target market, social media can be a great way to promote your business and remain competitive in the marketplace. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others will give you a centralized location where you can interact with fans, share posts, and even run ads.

Nevertheless, social media can be a huge time waster, eating a significant amount of your time even when you are using it for marketing purposes only.

The good news is that there are plenty of tools that make social media marketing more effective, and Hootsuite (a social scheduler platform) is one of them. This tool allows you to manage all your social media activities in one place, including:

  • Scheduling posts in advance, weeks, or even months ahead
  • Seeing reports on how your social media campaigns are performing
  • Managing responses and track your brand mentions

MailchimpEmail marketing automation platform

Email marketing is among the most effective marketing options with the highest ROI. In fact, it accounts for over 25 percent of all conversions for most companies.

When running an email marketing campaign, however, having the right tools is key to success. The good thing is that there are plenty of tools out there, including Mailchimp to help you run an effective campaign.

Over to you

Now that you know what marketing tools to use, it’s time to equip your toolbox with what will help your small brand thrive. With the right advertising tool, it will never feel like you are treading water with your business.

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