Digital marketing is no longer optional. For your brand to grow and drive sales, you must promote it online. Many people interpret online marketing as having a website. But this is not the case. The aspect involves different elements and strategies.

Like in the physical market, you need to pull an audience and convert them into customers. The same happens in the virtual space. You need to drive traffic and gain conversions via search engines. You must rank well on the search engines organically.

 One of the strategies you can use to achieve this goal is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. But how does PPC work? Keep reading to know more.

What is PPC advertising?

Pay-Per-Click advertising also known as Cost-per-Click is an online marketing strategy where you pay depending on the number of clicks your ads get. The ad platform will charge you a fee based on the number of clicks it receives.

Whenever you perform a Google search, you will see some ads displaying above the search results. PPC ads are a power way for drawing massive traffic and sales in your business. Remember, search engines are the first stopover when people are looking for certain good or service.

Also, high traffic leads to sales. You will likely sell more when your traffic receives huge traffic. But how does it work?

How does PPC advertising work?

Certainly, you might have received suggestions to consider PPC marketing services from SEO consultants. The experts shared the benefits you can earn from it but failed to explain how the approach works.

PPC ads come in different platforms and formats. The leading platforms are Google Ads and Bing. In these platforms you can get several formats that include search ads, display ads, shopping ads, Gmail ads, and video ads. Despite having multiple formats they work through the same process. Here is how:

Creating ad account with your desired platform

To start a pay per click campaign, you will need an ad account opened with your preferred platform. In most cases, Google ranks as the first choice due to its large audience. All you will need is go to Google Ads set up an account. It is free to open one.

Create ads

With the account you can create the ads. When developing the ads content, ensure you optimize them for the search engine. This involves selecting your target audience and right keywords.   

Determine your budget

The ad platforms allows you to set the amount you want to spend on each click. For instance, you can decide to pay $0.3 or $0.8 for every click received. The amount you pay determines your exposure to audience.

When setting the ad cost, it is important to know that maximum cost-per-click set by the advertiser. This way, you will have a chance to rank better in the search results.

Ad auction

Once you have set your budget and published your ad, it gets into the auction stage. it joins a group of other advertisers bidding for the same key phrases. The auction phase determines how the ads will show up. It considers several aspect such as maximum CPC – amount most advertisers in your group are ready and will to pay per click.

Also, the ad platforms considers the quality score. This aspect is a measure of various factors such as relevance to the query searched, click-through-rate (CTR), and landing page experience of your site. How well your ads meets these conditions will determine where and when it will appear.

Run your ad and pay per click

With everything set, you can now run your ads. Google and other ad platforms will only charge you when you ads receive a click.

Why should your business use PPC?

PPC is one of the excellent digital marketing strategy. It is worth investing your cash in it for the following reasons:

  • It has fast results than other SEO strategies. As long as you have a good bid and meets the necessary ranking requirements, your ads will start appearing on the search results immediately.
  • It is easy to measure and track their performance.
  • Offers you full control of your advertising budget and deciding when to run ads.
  • Easy to target the right customers.
  • It is available in varying multiple formats.

In a word, Pay-Per-Click advertising is a great digital marketing strategy that can transform your venture. It has simple set up process and fast results compared to other SEO options. Also, you do not need huge investment to run them. You can achieve mega results with a small budget. Hence, you should consider it if you want to grow your business. 

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