Over the recent past, podcasts are garnering a lot of traffic, with numerous people looking for voices with similar interests or ideologies. Almost anyone can start up a podcast but running it successfully requires time and patience. It is easy to talk about things we are passionate about, but getting people to listen is not an easy task. Most upcoming podcasters, especially those with no prior media history have a lot of difficulties when starting up. This results in many of them giving up early before their casts pick up.

In a world where numbers count in terms of downloads, then it is necessary to get as much recognition as possible. If you are a podcaster who wants to increase your audience, then this article is for you. The following are some of the tips that can help you promote your work.

1. Promote On Social Media

We are living in a world where social media plays a vital role. Most people spend the majority of their time on their phones and computers. Sharing snippets of your podcast, images, and teasers can make people interested in listening to your content. In a recent post about podcast advertising in 2021, Oliver Skinner says that social media is among the popular channels through which most podcast listeners get access to podcasts, listen to them and take positive action. This makes social channels an essential element when it comes to podcast promotion.

The power of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is that your work can be shared by multiple individuals, hence reaching a much wider audience. Most importantly, Twitter allows people to play the content because of its audio Soundcloud. Using that catchy hashtag or mentioning your podcast in your feed is important.

2. Establish Connections                                          

Every successful person had to build partnerships with other individuals in the same field. As a podcaster, getting in touch with other people and experts in your subject of interest is a plus. Try to invite them to your shows to spike interest. The target person should be leading a successful show with several audiences you can tap into. Furthermore, you should persuade your guest to share the podcast with their audience.

 Another way of promoting yourself is by joining those groups that allow their members to market their service or product. Getting connected with various influencers also helps to push forth your podcast. This is because they are the people whose voices stand out on social media. Through this, your pools of subscribers start increasing

3. Involve Your Audience

A listener, whose opinion is listened to, grows to be a loyal repeat audience. One advantage of content listeners is that they can spread the word about your work. Getting the audience to comment about your work and share their opinions helps them feel part of the work. Also, do not hesitate to ask them to subscribe and hit the notification bell. All this is a form of marketing that will help draw attention to your cast. The notification bell allows the listeners to get alerts whenever new content is updated. However, to get people to do this, you have to have consistently good work that will compel them to want more.

4. Strategize Your Work

Having good content and marketing is not enough. You should learn to strategize your work in a way that is easy for listeners to find. The keywords and description used should be brief and non-complex. This allows your work to pop up when someone types in the relevant keywords in the search engines online. Having target keywords as well as a good description is vital. Besides, another way to strategize is making your content available on iTunes. All these help in promotion, as new audiences can easily learn about the podcast.

5. Audio to Text Transcription

Converting your podcast to text is another form of promotion. Through podcast transcription, you can reach out to readers who would love the content but are not into podcasts. This can be made possible by having a blog. The blog can be used to relay the content as well as promote the podcast. Another benefit is that blogs are easier to appear on search engines as compared to the actual podcast. All this serves to promote your work hence more audience.

Remember that marketing is an integral part of your podcast promotion. This can be through the means mentioned above, or via newsletters, Facebook, and Google ads. Having a successful podcast requires skill, determination as well as good promotion. 

It is also worth noting that whatever technique that worked for a different podcaster may not work for you. Therefore, you have to find a suitable marketing forum that works for your brand. With that, let us get those creative juices flowing and enlarge our audience numbers.

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