If you are one of the many people who manage Twitter accounts to promote their content, then you will know that there are two main issues that need to be addressed in order to reach your audience. One of them is to try to have more Twitter followers since this is what multiplies your possibilities of diffusion. The other fundamental aspect of reaching your audience is to increase your CTR, that is, the number of times users click on the links you publish in each of your tweets. That’s what we’ll talk about today!

10 techniques to increase your CTR on Twitter are:

  1. Include pictures in your tweets:

When an image is effective in terms of attracting users, it is said to have Stopping Power, that is, it has the ability to make people stop to contemplate it in the relentless flow of Newsfeed. This attribute also affects the number of clicks a link receives in a tweet: if it is accompanied by an attractive image, the chances of getting more clicks on the link increase considerably.

To make sure that when sharing content from your site to your Twitter account, always include a representative image (or a video, depending on the case), you can use the Twitter Cards. To implement them, just add the code corresponding to your website. Doing this will allow you to automate the addition of images to your tweets with links and, consequently, will favor the increase of your CTR in Twitter.

  1. Take advantage of the titling of contents:

Titles are possibly the main element of an article when it comes to drawing users to the content. For this reason, the editors pay special attention to the titles, so they are as attractive and effective as possible. So it is advisable that you must tweet the link to a blog post with a good degree and use the same title in your tweet.

Some recommendations:

  • Use spelling and grammar correctly: spelling mistakes dramatically decrease the credibility of a source and even discourage people from reading further.
  • Ask questions: arousing public curiosity is one of the most effective ways to get people interested in the content.
  • Be brief: the harder and simpler your degree, the more likely it is to interest the audience. Even if you can use less than 140 characters, do it!
  • Employ degree style numerical lists: Presenting your content in this way has proven to be very effective in terms of attracting the interest of users.
  1. Express yourself clearly:

It’s important that you consider that when people check their Twitter accounts, they usually use the scroll button on the mouse and consequently, they advance quite quickly through Newsfeed. For that reason, it is most advisable to use clear language in your tweets, so that people can receive the information you are trying to transmit as quickly as possible. This will increase the chances of getting your message across, and therefore, of getting people interested in exploring your content.

  1. Avoid using statistics:

Including statistics in your tweets lessens the chances that people click on your link. Why? Because by providing such a strong and easily apprehensible data, the users’ curiosity diminishes, since they perceive that they have already received the information they needed. For that reason, it is advisable to raise questions or numerical lists in your tweets, as stated above, and reserve statistics for your content.

  1. Tweet every day and at different times:

If we take into account that most Twitter users connect from their mobile devices, we can understand that there are no definite schedules in which to publish. On the contrary, when accessing from their phones people can join the Social Network at all times and for that reason, it is advisable to tweet your links at various times per day.

  1. Let a time pass between tweets:

To your publications reach effectively to your audience, you should not miss the least half an hour between tweets. Otherwise, tweeting incessantly can be annoying to users, who will see in your Newsfeeds sequences followed by your publications. The idea is to reach the public without overwhelming it, so it is advisable to tweet in a slow and constant way.

  1. Include calls to action:

Include calls to action directly in your tweet which increases the chances of audiences clicking your links.

  1. Take advantage of hashtags:

The hashtags are the tags that allow you to participate in the conversations on Twitter. Through a hashtag, you can be part of the live conversations that your audience is keeping. Therefore, in order for your audience to find your links it is advisable to link your publications to the topics that interest your target audience.

  1. Check that your links work:

While this point seems obvious, the fact is that many times users click on the links proposed in the tweets, then find that they cannot access the content. To avoid this affecting your CTR in Twitter, it is recommended that in all cases check that the shared links are working correctly in every environment.

  1. Share infographics on Twitter:

The infographics are among the contents that generate more interactions on Twitter, as this study demonstrates. Therefore, it is very advisable to create your own infographics and tweets about them. This will help you increase your CTR since it has been shown that infographic pieces get more than 800% of clicks on Twitter than other types of content.

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