2 thoughts on “Important Factors for ACCOUNT MANAGERS”

  1. The aforesaid points are surely important things to keep in mind for Account Managers and any other members working with Ad Networks. Though, most of the points should be taken care off while settings up the campaigns. So I guess the header could have been “Important factors for setting up campaigns”. Few other tips & points to be highlighted can be Optimization, Analysis for campaigns ( Post campaign analysis), proper set up to be followed for respective campaigns and regular follow up with clients for feedback.

    1. Hey Saurabh,

      I agree with you, but these points are more in a respect of planning and for account managers to have better impact or grip on the campaign.The operation team are the execution people but the real decision is dependent on planners or AM’s so they should always have these points clear. I hope you got my point and concern to note it for AM’s

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