With the vision of “Providing cost effective and cross functional ad campaigns”, 247RTB integrates programmatic buying with real time bidding which enables their clients to achieve highly efficient and personalized advertising for their business.

It’s one of the leading programmatic buying platforms with their headquarters based out of Tel-Aviv. Being a customer centric organization, they ensure utmost priority to their client needs and serve them with the best possible ad campaign.

They primarily focus on ad placements which lets the advertisers opt for the best suited and most relevant ad format. Their private market place separates them from the rest as it provides their advertisers an opportunity to select the most desired inventory. They collaborate with wide range of DSP, ad exchanges and ad networks which provides access to huge database of inventory from variety of sources and channels.

Real time tracking and self-served RTB platform acts as a trump card for the advertisers to reach the targeted audience spread all across the globe. Their personalized and specific ads displayed on desired locations helps in reaching to a defined group of audience.

The user friendly interface makes it extremely easy for the customers to manage their campaign which enhances the performance and ensures attaining increased return on investment.

To summarize:

Some of their salient features which makes them one of the best technologies are access to:

  • Large inventory,
  • Real time report generation,
  • Programmed decision making module,
  • Personalized ads a
  • Ability to target global audience.

Reference Link: https://247rtb.com/ 

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