From the aspect of user it sounds so good to know about Microsoft new approach but this same approach gives a blast to Ad industry’s . Microsoft is coming up with privacy feature as default called as “DO NOT TRACK” in internet explorer 10 which will be set as default , IE 9 already had this feature called as “Tracking protection (prevents user information from being passed to a website)” under tools but this feature is enabled when done manually by the user but in the case of IE 10 , it will be set to default which has actually left the advertiser too much disappointed and angry, since user information is exactly what the advertiser needs to provide high-value, targeted ads. Those targeted ads typically cost more, generate higher revenue and provide a more useful advertising experience than a generic ad designed for the Internet at large.

On 8th Octuber, the Association of National Advertisers sent Microsoft chief executive ‘Steve Ballmer’ a letter claiming that  the ANA believes “that if Microsoft moves forward with this default setting, it will undercut the effectiveness of our members’ advertising and, as a result, drastically damage the online experience by reducing the Internet content and offerings that such advertising supports”.

ANA’s also explained the drawback of adding this feature – saying due to this the ad revenue will go down and less ad revenue means the Web’s “free,” ad-subsidized services may go away, replaced by paid subscriptions or other methods. “And if you get less revenue for websites, it threatens to have less information that’s available to consumers for free,”

The conversation is still on and decision is not yet final but as far from Microsoft they are firm with the decision . Let see what’s the final outcome comes out after the next session/meeting regarding this …

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