Dropshipping is no doubt one of the hot businesses today. More and more individuals are learning how to dropship and are beginning their e-commerce sites that often make it challenging to get to the consumers. That’s the reason why having a fantastic marketing strategy is essential.

In this post, we are going to present to you the best marketing tips you can employ to create a successful dropshipping business. Using them will help you attract more visitors to your site and hence boost your sales.

Utilize attractive email pop-ups

Research has proven that at least fifty-five percent of visitors leave a site within the first fifteen seconds of their visit. That is the reason getting the email address of your visitor is a vital step towards lead conversion.

Do you like to convert your visitors into subscribers? Then you need to execute a marketing strategy, which will support them to do so.

Ensure your pop-ups are creative enough to convince your site visitors to join your email list. You can then begin sending email marketing content to engage them with your site and make them buy something eventually.

For instance, you’re offering print-on-demand services. You can motivate these people to visit your website to learn what is dropshipping with print on demand.

Include testimonials, reviews, and ratings to your website

People are more likely to be doubtful about ordering from sites, which they don’t know. That’s true, even if the prices are appealing. One of the things they are skeptical about is the quality of items. Hence, you must include testimonials, ratings, and reviews to your site to establish trust in those people.

Seeing the experiences of the customers with the item might motivate the prospective buyer to buy your products.

For instance, AliExpress normally screenshot the reviews from the page of their supplier. They then post it onto their site so other buyers can see it.

Cross-sell and upsell marketing

You also like to make the most of each transaction just like any other online seller. That’s why you must execute product ups-selling and cross-selling strategies. They are often combined into one plan since there is a small difference between the two. Nonetheless, both of them could help you boost your sales by at least seventy-percent.

Amazon is one of the popular websites that use this strategy. They utilize marketing referred to as “Frequently Bought Together.”

Utilize retargeting methods

Research has proven that at least ninety-eight visitors won’t purchase anything on their initial visit. That’s not a good circumstance for drop shippers for whom traffic is difficult to get. In that case, you should employ retargeting.

In case you didn’t know, retargeting is a marketing strategy that targets visitors who had visited your site before but didn’t take any action. This technique allows you to highlight relevant ads to visitors on various websites.

Individuals who got retargeted are nearly seventy-percent likely to convert to your website. Amazing, isn’t it?

Run a Facebook ad

Facebook is now one of the sought-after and widely utilized social media platforms across the globe. Apart from a large number of people using this site, it also becomes a practical tool for dropshipping entrepreneurs due to the diversity of data it collects. You could be as particular as possible when targeting the ideal audience, thanks to that data.

Another benefit of employing Facebook ads is you could format your ads and select where you wish them to be displayed. That includes Audience Network, Workplace, Instagram, or Messenger. It also enables you to organize your ads and check the results without using several platforms.

Share videos

Social videos are anticipated to make up over eighty percent of consumer web traffic by 2021. That makes it one of the perfect forms of marketing these days. Hence, it might be the right time you begin using video content if you wish to enhance your sales as a drop shipper.

You could add them to your social media accounts with a link, which will redirect potential consumers into your site. The only disadvantage is that making social videos on your own could be quite challenging, especially if you are just starting.

In that case, you can utilize something ready-made by other people and share them on your accounts. Just make sure that you use a caption, which will attract the attention of your audience.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that marketing is a vital part of any business, even in dropshipping. In the end, its goal is to bring in more customers. You must learn how to create a good marketing strategy, work your way up on Google, as more and more individuals are learning how to dropship and begin their online sites. Doing so will help you stand out from the rest. 

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