Jivox , an interactive video advertising technology company announces last tuesday of a new platform that will make executing multi-device mobile campaigns a lot easier.Specifically, the San Mateo, Calif.-based startup has rolled out a new product it claims will help advertisers and publishers extend interactive ads to the new iPad Mini and the recently launched iPhone 5—without all the complex re-sizing, re-coding and other device-by-device integration that buyers often grumble about.

Jivox also claims that advertisers will be able to use a single tag for ads running on multiple screens.

According to CEO Diaz Nesamoney, too often mobile ad creative is not optimized for multiple devices,resulting in ads that don’t fit a device’s unique screen size. These ads either get cut short or fail to take advantage of a tablet’s larger screen—or don’t function right at all. “By taking technology complexities out of the equation, we enable advertisers to effortlessly run interactive video ad campaigns across any screen or mobile device, without distressing over formats or technology assimilation issues,” Nesamoney said. “This ensures that impressions are not lost and guarantees higher engagement and ROI.” !!

The company was recently named a winner in the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Mobile Rising Stars competition, an industry-wide initiative aimed at improving mobile ad products.

This is really a great platform for mobile advertising and will be a great help .

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