What is a click tracker?

A click tracker is a tagged landing page URL which helps to track the number of clicks happened on a banner, link, email, or any form of ad which is clickable. With the help of a click tracker, the success of an ad can be easily evaluated.


S No. Static Click Tracker Dynamic Click Tracker
1. Even if the click tracker line item is not live, the tracker will redirect you to landing page but won’t track numbers in the report This redirects to a blank page and also does not record any numbers
2. Static click tracker has two status i.e. Archived and unarchived. Unarchived keeps the click tracking live, one archived the tracking URL won’t work Dynamic click tracker has three status option i.e. Active, Inactive and Archived.
3. In static click tracker we need to manually add the destination URL In dynamic click tracker the destination URL is automatically inserted into the ad tag
4. Example:




The below error fires when dynamic click tracking is not set to active:

inactive pixel firing_knowonlineadvertising

The below image shows the firing when dynamic tracker is firing without any error:

active pixel firing_knowonlineadvertising

Difference between static pixel tracking and dynamic pixel tracking

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