Video forms of ads have changed the digital marketing world for good!

How much money are you looking to put into video advertisements this year? Nearly three-quarters of marketers boosted their digital video ad spending from 2019 to 2020, according to data from PubMatic’s Global Digital Ad Trends study.

Brands used to promote themselves primarily via broadcast and cable television commercials. However, that’s changed quite a bit. Companies are not just spending more on video ads but also using more innovative promoting techniques.

Traditional TV advertisements can’t compete with the data collecting, brand exposure, improved targeting, and personalization options that digital video commercials provide marketers. Advertisers can now reach their target demographics using the medium they choose, digital video commercials.

Video ads basics and why it’s shaken the digital marketing world

Online advertising and video marketing have become more popular in recent years. It entails using videos to promote a product or service online, raise a profile and interest in a brand, and broaden the scope of your message. 

Simply put, video content marketing incorporates video into your existing content marketing plan. The term “social video,” referring to a specific kind of video made with the express purpose of being promoted and shared through social media, is also important to bear in mind. 

The objective is to make videos people want to share, with specific tweaks for each social media platform where your company is active. Producing high-quality video material might sometimes need a substantial financial outlay, but the results are well worth it.

The data on the effectiveness of video marketing on revenue and return on investment speaks for itself:

Here are a few videos advertising trends that are prevalent in digital marketing…

  • Trend 1: Adding subtitles to a video for the ease of the viewers

When creating a video for social media, it’s important to consider several factors. How can I convey this idea visually in the shortest amount of time? To what tunes would you recommend working? 

It’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour of internet videos and forget that subtitles are one of the most crucial features they can have. Subtitles’ rising popularity in online video is due, in large part, to the fact that they help your video reach a more diverse audience. 

This is true whether you’re trying to reach people with hearing impairments or want to make your video more accessible to viewers who are multitasking during their viewing. You can even learn how to add subtitles to a video to get started!

  • Trend 2: Livestream and webinars

Video marketers are big fans of the growing popularity of live streaming and live webinars as tools for reaching an audience and disseminating information

They let you communicate with your audience in a meaningful manner, which in turn can boost brand recognition and website traffic. Easily use many avenues of marketing by combining them with podcasting.

  • Trend 3: Ad transparency becoming a ‘fashion.’

Due to their potential to impact voters’ judgments, social media and search engines have come under investigation in recent political campaigns.

Therefore, there have been demands for new criteria to be adhered to by marketers and influencers and the platforms on which they post. 

This requires adverts to be properly labeled and for endorsing businesses or goods to disclose any compensation they received for doing so. You can read about the growing digital marketing trends in 2022!

  • Trend 4: More user-generated content 

Video material created by users is just as important as any other user-generated content in marketing initiatives. In 2022, user-generated videos will be a major part of video marketing strategies. 

Its ability to entice and retain people is high. YouTube user-generated material can get 2X times as many views as sponsored videos. 

Video content created by users also has a higher rate of turning viewers into buyers.

  • Trend 5: Brand challenges

Viral content focused on dances, music, and noises initially propelled short-form videos’ success. With the right mix of virality and innovation, today’s companies can build their sounds, filters, and challenges.

As per a survey, 20% of the marketers polled used branded challenges, and 42% claimed they were more successful than anticipated. In addition, they are considered one of the most productive social media trends by marketers for the year 2021.

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Tips for incorporating video ads in your digital marketing strategy

  • Tip 1: Decide on your target audience and figure out where they spend most of their time

Considering the widely seen and user-created videos, it’s important to tailor each to a certain demographic. Start developing your buyer personas immediately if you haven’t previously. 

Make sure to include the most current video research into your customer personas if you already have a set.

  • Tip 2: Include tutorials and demos 

Need to describe your product’s features and benefits? Video advertising allows you to show people how to apply them. Customers can get answers to their questions regarding your offerings by watching demonstration videos. 

Suppose I want to buy a new hiking backpack, for instance. In that case, I can read reviews and watch video demonstrations of several models on the internet before making a final purchase decision. 

After that, I’ll be able to make an informed decision on which backpack is ideal for me by comparing its qualities. Customers’ anxieties can be eased, and their buying choice solidified via tutorials and demonstrations.

  • Tip 3: How about “video-emailing?”

Consider the number of emails you get every day. Modern culture has trained us to scan texts for the nuggets of information we need rather than reading them carefully

Sending a video attachment in an email increases the likelihood that the receiver will retain the information. Furthermore, sending an email to your subscriber list whenever you upload a new video, they can be interested in is a wonderful way to increase views.

  • Tip 4: Use organizational and communication tools to make videos look professional

Developing a B2B video marketing plan is no easy feat, as it should now be obvious. There are too many teams, items that need approval, comments that must be made, modifications that must be communicated, and delays that can’t be predicted. 

The video creation process hasn’t even begun yet! Your work will include identifying methods to make things easier and less stressful for everyone involved. 

The trick is to start organized and maintain the lines of communication open with all your teams. Create professional video ads to increase that line of communication!

Digital solutions like Monday, Slack, Zoom, or any other management software that can help you remain connected at every stage of the process are strongly recommended for accomplishing this goal. 

Doing so will allow you to be more organized and ensure that all team members are aware of any changes, expectations, or delays.

  • Tip 5: Back the video with ad spends

Your video’s potential for generating leads increases in direct proportion to the number of people who see it. This is the only catch: Finding success with organic social media postings is becoming increasingly challenging. Learn how to market through social media for your business!

As a result, you should think about investing in ads to support your video marketing efforts. Facebook’s boosted posts, and advertising is one method since they allow you to target a certain demographic, establish clear objectives, and expand your video’s reach.

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Benefits of video ads in digital marketing today

  • Benefit 1: Video ads enhance SEO and boost conversion and sales 

Just over a third of marketers use video to boost SEO. Including video on a website improves its quality and the number of time viewers spends there, two factors that search engines value highly. 

More than 60% of marketers report an increase in the price of acquiring new customers. Moreover, 83% of video marketers claim that video aids lead generation

Video has not only altered how companies advertise, and customers purchase but also how salespeople contact and convert leads, and service teams provide for and please customers.

A video is a powerful tool for every part of the flywheel, not only for raising brand recognition.

  • Benefit 2: Video shows great ROI

Even more encouraging is that 83% of firms report a positive return on investment when using video. Creating a video isn’t the simplest or cheapest thing, but it pays off in spades. 

Furthermore, internet video editing tools are becoming better and cheaper all the time. Even a smartphone these days can record high-quality video.

  • Benefit 3: Video ads encourage customer engagements

To keep people’s attention, videos outperform static display advertising by a wide margin. 

And if you’re still on the fence about diving into video marketing, consider that 54% of customers have said they want to see more videos from businesses. That’s further evidence that people like watching videos online.

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Wrap up: Video ads are the most productive way to engage with customers 

Positive reactions from viewers result from the excellent quality of the video in terms of image, sound, and motion. Increased video apps are popping up on the web, making it harder than ever to attract and retain an audience

When it comes to advertising, have you considered using videos? To those who have tried it, how successful has it been? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

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