Mobile phones have transformed the digital marketing world, leading to a drastic change in customer behavior and their decision-making process. With the emergence of technologically advanced smartphones, we are immensely dependent on our cell phones in our daily life. Gone are the days when consumers had to call customer care or helpdesk to seek some information. They can now turn to their smartphones for the same.

Be it answering phones calls, reading important emails, texting friends, playing games, listening music or even checking time, we hugely rely on mobile. But apart from these, there are few other moments when we need our cell phones like wanting to learn something, wanting to buy something, wanting to go somewhere, wanting to compare something etc. All these are intent driven needs and we often take our decision after referring to what our smartphones have to offer. These moments are termed as Micro-moments. Let’s now look in detail what these actually are.

What are Micro-Moments?

As defined by Google’s digital marketing team “Think with Google” micro-moments are “I want to know “, “I want to go”, “I want to buy”, “I want to Do” moments which are mobile-driven and consumers are willing to have their preferences shaped and often end up buying things which they hadn’t originally thought of. These are the moments when users are active on the internet looking for some specific information and those marketers who are able to reach them at this moment has a high probability of cracking deal. For instance, if someone is looking to book a flight and if the discount offers flashes on the screen, they are more likely to avail the offer.

  • I want to know moments: Are those moments when the users are researching and looking for some specific information. Almost 65% searches on the internet are done via mobile.
  • I want to Go moments: When customers are looking for shops which are near to their location. These are “Near Me” searches which gone up by 82%.
  • I want to Do moments: These are “How” to searches. Looking for how a new feature on the device works or looking for how to cook something.
  • I want to Buy moments: When the customer is willing to make a purchase. Any help that may assist them in deciding what they should buy is most likely to get the desired response from the consumer.

Why is micro-moment important for marketers?

Grabbing the attention of the customer is of utmost importance for any marketer. The more they are able to draw consumer’s attention towards the brand, the better it gets for the business.  Brands must focus on reaching out to their audience during these micro-moments because during these moments customer is willingly looking for information and the brand which provides them the same wins the trust and long-term relationship with the user.

Micro-moments provides an opportunity for marketers to engage with consumers more personally and at those precise moments of intent. The factor that is most likely to influence the online consumer is relevancy of brands message. Consumers tend to take an impulsive decision and there is a lot more immediacy in their behavior. So, it gets important for marketers to show up only what’s relevant to the user. It’s high time that marketers must shift their focus on mobile and allocate more budgets for it.

What should brands do to target customers during micro-moments?

  • Understand the needs of the customers.
  • Know the interest of your target audience.
  • Provide the best possible solution so that you stand out from the rest.
  • Try to deliver as and when the moments arrive.
  • Ads like Click to call.

Marketers must analyze their Google Analytics data to examine how are they getting traffic, what searches are getting them maximum users and then plan their strategy accordingly. They must identify what moments matter from them and must focus on reaching out to their users when those moments occur.

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