What is Campaign briefing?

The briefing is a basic document of work that the client share with the agency, the brief reflects the important elements of the marketing plan. It’s the indication or starting point that allows the agency to start working on the campaign

However, many times the briefing is conducted by the agency in collaboration with the client. In that case, the client has to make clear what the agency’s objectives, strategies and needs of the company are so that the agency accurately set the objectives and strategies of communication.

What are the important elements of a campaign brief?

The briefing must be composed of at least the following elements:

  • Definition of the target audience or target in the most explicit way possible. Demographic location, their psychology, their buying habits, age … and even the role as a consumer, prescriber or buyer.
  • Product definition – Differentiation, added value and the benefits to the consumer always treated from the point of view of its use, profitability and life cycle.
  • Characteristics and conditions of the potential market – Current situation, conditions of sale, total market volume, trends, etc.
  • Competitive environment – Knowing the competition is critical. Not only brands and their market share, but also trends and marketing strategies, advertising and promotion, as well as differences between leading products, pricing, image and design, etc.
  • Company data – Your mission, culture, principles and standards by which it is governed, its strategy of corporate identity, etc.
  • Channel indication – It should be noted marketing channels, both their own and those of competitors.
  • Advertising experiences and historical analysis – It is important to take into account the communication actions undertaken earlier, its objectives and what were the results.
  • Objectives we want to accomplish – As I mentioned earlier in setting targets it is essential to communicate the goals and marketing strategies of our company to establish the objectives of the different communication strategies.
  • Key data about the budget – Although clients are often reluctant to communicate the budget, the fact is that it is essential to know which economic parameters must move the agency.
  • Campaign duration – How long the campaign will run i.e. start and end date.

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