DTM is dynamic tag management, a tool by adobe to manage user generated tags perfectly. DTM was originally called SATELLITE which when acquired by adobe from search discovery was then termed as DTM.

On their own words:

Dynamic Tag Management allows marketers to not only quickly and easily manage tags but it also provides innovative tools for collecting and distributing data across digital marketing systems while also enabling the responsive delivery of user-specific content —providing new levels of agility and control to companies seeking to thrive in today’s fast paced digital marketplace.

On simple terms, DTM is a tool which helps to simplify the complex or tedious process of tagging web pages without having much of developer knowledge plus being independent of making changes in tracking. Using DTM we don’t have to reply on IT resources and can easily make the changes by adding rules.

DTM is just not about management of tags but also collections of other features like data management, data integration and data activation too.


  • Speed up your site – By stopping multiple calls to the server it makes the site render faster
  • Time Saver – Saves your time in that is spent in managing or implementing tags
  • Reduced IT Resources
  • Manage multiple sites
  • Centralized tool management – All the tags are managed from one interface plus helps triggering multiple tags at the same time
  • Security – Site gets secured from spammers or theft of data from the site
  • Control of permission of users – From marketing professional to the technical fields, it is possible to set permission levels for access that delimit what operation area of each user profile


  • Flexibility
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Faster process as the dependence on IT team lessens a lot
  • Data management
  • Improved site speed as all the tags don’t fire in one go but as per rules making the site work faster
  • Saves time – As this solves tagging issue a lot of time is saved
  • Cost saving – The tool is provided free of cost (comes with adobe marketing product) and using this can save a IT resource salary
  • DTM can load any type of tag or analytics beacon on any user interaction within a page, and it can handle any number of tags you throw at it.
  • By adding two small piece of code on the top and bottom of each page of a website we can track every action of the user on the page

Top-Down Approach by DTM

DTM is different than other tag manager’s tools as it follows top to down approach whereas the other tag managers follows down to top approach. Now what is this approach we talk about here, let us know that:

Top-Down Approach – “Scenario driven activation”

Top-Down Approach_DTM_knowonlineadvertising

DTM is more bothered on the events the user takes then the firing of tag on the first call, whereas the other tag managers fires the tag on first call. In DTM, once the user takes the specific action on the page and research on the information collected is done which when matches to the user requirement or request (rule) the tag fires. This is simple opposite in the case of other tag manager platforms. Top-down approach confirms accurate user initiated action data!

Difference between DTM (Dynamic tag manager) & GTM (Google tag manager): 

1. Tags or scripts are served asynchronously and synchronously both All the tags are served asynchronously only
2. Complete integrations with Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst, and Adobe Test & Target is provided No support for tools like A/B testing, surveys, personalization, product recommendations, or tags that require multiple snippets in different locations of the page.
3. DTM allows to capture variable from anywhere of the page Each variable is stored manually and available for the same page and can’t be captured from other pages
4. It is not completely free available It is available free of cost, anyone can start using it
5. It is not easy to use, training is must Slight study can make you use GTM
6. DTM and Adwords synchronization is not that great GTM and Adwords synchronization is awesome
7. Testing is complex Testing is very easy

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