The online and digital advertising has experienced in recent years, remarkable progress. The other innovation is, however, quick to agencies and advertisers are able to follow step-by-step. The real time bidding, hyper-threading and multi-platform coordination are just some of the innovations originated by the possibility of collecting and analyzing data on the consumer, allowing target advertising according to the observed preferences but looking at the television advertising market which seems to have stagnated for 50 years and being oblivious to innovation but in recent weeks there have been, however, some signs of progress.

Cox Media announced a partnership with a platform programmatically purchase to marketing their advertising breaks – a huge and much needed step towards the modernization of the television advertising market. Comcast also moved with the purchase of FreeWheel, a business of streaming video, and launched its own platform programmatic buying. ‘s world of television content has changed – thanks to set-top boxes and smart TV which connect to the internet and therefore the data collection – to a state that already allows integration of digital advertising techniques. There are already companies in the industry who use the data collected to improve their interfaces and compel viewers to consumption of new content, for example. Why not use the same data to target television advertising? If confirmed, it would be possible, for example, show in four households with different audiences, but they were watching the same program, different ads based on demographics and historical views. Oddly enough, this happens every day … On the internet. However, there are trends that are accelerating the transformation.

The consolidation of Pay TV operators and rising competition from media companies like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Apple are two of them. For the evolution of the television advertising market to happen, it is necessary that the data collected are aggregated and organized, one to determine the best way to convey targeted advertisements through television and are defined processes capable of monitoring the behavior of users on different devices. You need fundamentally a behavioral modification – agencies need to break down the barriers between old media and new media and to foster cooperation between different operators. The primary objective should be the creation of a unified platform for buying media that allows advertisers to target their campaigns, regardless of the content and format of the devices on which consumers are present.


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