Brand Advocates are those customers who promote the products of the company without any compensation. These consumers are loyal to the manufacturer and are willing to share their feedback about the products which are part of their daily routine.

An advocate can be a celebrity, person well known in the society, permanent user of the product or even an employee of the company. These brand advocates play a vital role in enabling brands achieve success. The referral leads provided by the advocates helps the brand in expansion of their business.

Importance of Brand Advocacy
  • Brings in referred customers who are more likely to make the purchase as their mind is preoccupied by the positive feedback about the brand.
  • It’s quite obvious that we tend to trust our family and friends more than the acquaintances. So, any recommendations coming from them doesn’t go unnoticed more so when we are looking to buy some product and we receive feedback from our close ones.
  • Word of Mouth has a greater influence in convincing people to go for a certain brand and product.

Advantages of having Brand Advocates:
  • Increased Awareness:

Highly satisfied customers are most likely to share their experience and feedback with others either on social media platforms or directly with friends which spreads brand awareness. More the brand gets known better is the possibility to acquire new customers.

  • Builds brand reputation:

With advocate singing praises of a product socially is certain to boost the reputation of the brand. Consumers take notice of the product which regularly features on advocate’s promotional messages.

  • Repeat Customers:

Advocates enable the brand to attain customers for greater lifetime. Referred customers if provided good services will stay with the brand for much longer duration.

  • Higher Return on Investment:

Primary goal of business is to achieve good returns. Every business strategy is rolled out keeping in mind the monetary benefits which can be achieved. Brand advocates helps in increasing the customer base which in turn guarantees higher returns.

  • Promotion without compensation:

Brand advocates don’t charge any fees for promoting the brand. This is one of the major advantages of having advocates endorsing the brands. Promotion gets done for free. Just that once in a while companies can offer advocates some discounts and provide them best services as a premium customer.

Characteristics of brand advocates:
  • Influential personality:

For convincing someone, one must possess a good persuading power. Brand advocates are really good at it. They create contents and produce facts about the brand with which they win over the trust of the potential customers.

  • Socially active:

With the growth of internet, social media has emerged as the first choice for reaching to larger audience. Using Facebook, twitter and other social platforms promotional message can be broadcasted to large group of audience instantly. Brand advocates like to interact with people online and even form a group of people with similar interest where brand knowledge is shared. They track the online campaigns where any particular product is most talked about and they contribute their opinion to grab attention and interest of the audience.

  • Loyal to the brand:

Advocates are the loyal customers who value their relationship with the brand. They are   very careful about what they speak about the product publically. Even the companies value their brand advocates and thrives to strengthen this association with them.

  • In-depth knowledge of brand/product:

Advocates don’t promote any brand just for the sake of it. They aren’t forced to do it. They like to share their valuable insights about a brand which they have gained over the years. Advocates have usually been using the product for a longer duration and they are well versed with pros and cons of it. Potential customers can acquire valuable suggestions by interacting with these advocates.

  • Expanded social circle:

As brand advocates are more active socially, they interact with large no. of people online. Unlike the usual internet users, advocates are expected to have a greater social circle. So, any information related to a brand shared by them will reach much broader audience.

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  1. Great post. Brand advocates can play an important role in establishing your brand image, messaging and influence. Getting brand advocates on board and getting them more engaged with promotion requires conscious efforts. Else, it could result in a weak representation of the product and the brand.

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