As we all know mobile advertising has taken it’s pace and everyday there is some new advancement or new technology to  make the mobile advertising a boon tomorrow for digital advertising world. Every ad network or any firm which deals with mobile advertising is working on both part,i.e. smartphones and tablet ads, but ever thought who is performing better and bringing good conversions, click through rate , etc. ?

It is the tablet that is winning the race , tablet has been proved better than smartphones for branding campaigns.The click-through rates on tablets has outperform the smartphones by 250% for branding campaigns.

You must be thinking how is it possible when the number of smartphones users are anyway more than tablet users as still today the percentage of usage of tablets than smartphone is less. But there is a more bigger fact than this – “size of the screen”. The ads shown in a smartphone generally frustrates the user but the ad shown in a tablet still attracts the users due to bigger size of the screen and user shows some interest.

But the developers are still working hard on smartphone advertising  for user friendly ads and it also attracts the user there and don’t irritate them.Today the smartphone’s users have increased a lot and it is sure with coming time mobile advertising will be a great success !!

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