It’s no secret that the world has gone digital. To keep up, businesses need to have a digital face for their work. People want to be able to research you online before they become customers or clients. They want to get a feel for your work. It’s also no secret that the competition pool is much larger when you step into the world wide web with your business. Many businesses can be left wondering why they’re having trouble keeping up with their online competitors.

Many factors influence how wide of an organic reach you have online, including search engine optimization and improving the backlinks to your digital written content. Still, one of the bigger ones is video content. The following will break down some of the data regarding how valuable video content is for business advertising.

People Are Online And Watching Videos

Now, more than ever, people are watching videos online. It turns out that since the beginning of the pandemic, Americans are watching, on average, eight hours of video content per day. That’s a lot of videos and a wonderful opportunity to get your work and expertise in front of an audience.

If you’re trying to reach younger audiences, in particular, video is a must. Over half of generation z shoppers express that online product reviews are an essential part of their spending decisions. Millennials as well seek online information before choosing products or services. Studies have found that people of all ages are 64% more likely to purchase a product if they’ve seen a video about it.

Video Is Some Of The Most Effective Marketing Tools Available

It also turns out that video marketing is one of the most effective advertising strategies available right now. Forbes magazine has repeatedly written about how video content marketing is the central direction digital marketing is heading. This is because the video is so versatile. Here are a few stats:

  • By the end of 2019, video content accounted for over 80% of online activity
  • Video content in marketing emails also increases the click-through rate between 200 and 300%
  • 59% of decision-makers in companies would prefer to watch a video than read a blog post about a product or service

Video Can Really Help Your Clients And Customers

Guides showing people how to use your products or services, video reviews, answers to commonly asked questions—all of these things provide excellent value to your potential customers. People like to see products and services in action. They like to see the faces of the people who are reviewing your work. They like to search video hosting platforms for how-to guides because they can follow along with the video.

Let’s say a person is trying to change the showerhead in their bathroom. They can go online and watch someone doing this same task and be sure that they’re doing it correctly. If you’re the one who provided them with this useful information, you’ve built trust with this person. They’re more likely to reach out to you with any additional concerns they have. They’re more likely to buy from you.

Video Can Help Bridge The Coronavirus Gaps

At this moment, in particular, video can play a vital role. In many places worldwide, people are afraid (or not allowed) to leave their homes. Videographers at Signature Video Group emphasize that virtual events where things are filmed and live-streamed can help people feel more connected and involved in what is going on in the world. This is particularly important for people to consider if their work typically revolves around an audience (like musicians, for example).

Video Builds Authenticity

Because so many businesses are making the leap to include video content in their marketing strategies, consumers are used to this type of content. Suddenly, they might find themselves wondering why you’ve chosen to hide the face of your business; they might feel like you are avoiding being transparent.

Video Content Is Easier To Remember Than Other Forms Of Content

It turns out that 80% of customers remember a video they watched up to a month after seeing it. Because of the video’s audio and visual nature, people have more cues to help them remember what they’ve seen. This can help people remember your brand and your products and services better than radio advertising, picture advertising, or written advertising.

The above exploration of the power video has when it comes to digital content marketing is only the iceberg’s tip. Depending on your industry and your clientele’s pain points, there are countless more uses for video. Spend a little time looking at video content related to your enterprise online. You might be surprised at how many ideas you get.

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