Don’t you think naming your baby is the most daunting yet exciting job at the very inauguration of your parenting journey? Some parents are so enthusiastic about picking up a name even before discovering she is carrying a little one inside her. 

But others can’t decide a name for their ancestor until she arrives! Regardless of any case, searching best-in-class names for your princess is an overwhelming task indeed.

Baby Girl Names from ‘A’ that are too Lovely to Ignore

Looking at the famous list of baby girl names that start with A by CocoFinder will be a top-notch way to see if it properly fits with the little one’s personality. 

So, if you are finding for an absolute name that especially starts with A or just finding some great inspirations, here is a top 10 list of CocoFinder, which contains lovable baby girl names:

  1. Adelina

This lovable girl’s name, ‘Adelina,’ has been placed in the top 1000 baby girl’s name list after a century. All thanks to its meteoric emergence of her twin sister ‘Adeline.’ However, it has various popular variants like ‘Adele,’ ‘Adelaide,’ and ‘Ada.’ 

Some parents love to pick ‘Adelina’ as they want to give her munchkin a sweet nickname like ‘Addie.’ An influential public figure of skating gold medal winners was Adelina Sotnikova. Lastly, it was a cute and lovable name, which means ‘noble’ and nobility.’ 

  1. Aitana

The name ‘Aitana’ is a top-notch name of a famous Spanish mountain used by an eminent poet Rafael Alberti for his beautiful daughter. It was publicized by Aitana Alberti’s goddaughter and famous namesake, heroine Aitana Sanchez-Gijan. 

Various American parents have used this Basque-originated name for their elegant daughter. So, in a nutshell, this leading Spanish name holds the meaning of ‘glory.’ 

  1. Alaina

The name ‘Alaina,’ a bit ‘Elena,’ or ‘Alana,’ and may also have a little touch of ‘Elaine,’ is one of the various feminine forms of Alan. It is also sometimes pronounced as its French form, ‘Alan.’ 

However, that’s how ‘Alaina’ emerged and has outshined in popularity over the recent decades, which means ‘concord’ or ‘harmony.’ It is not that much of a fashionable name; still, it has good popularity among girl’s parents. So, ‘Alaina’ is a leading choice that may feel more unique than it really is!

  1. Alina

The list includes a top-notch name, ‘Alina,’ which originated from Slavic culture, means ‘beautiful,’ and ‘bright.’ It is one of the scores of worldwide derivatives on the classic Helen, widely used in Russia and Poland. 

However, the name also has its primary precedence in the German and Celtic traditions and the USA. ‘Alina’ could be one of those long baby girl names that start with A, so instead of it, you may call her ‘Lina’ or ‘Lena.’ 

  1. Alessia

If you are a pop music fanatic, you must have heard the name of young Canadian pop singer ‘Alessia Cara,’ who has given this sassy name a new lease on life, driving it into the top 1000 in 2016. After that, it has gradually become the year’s fastest-rising baby girl’s name. 

However, the primary risk is that it feels so analogous to ‘Alicia,’ ‘Alexa,’ and ‘Alyssa.’ Still, it has a good reputation among parents, and they want to name their daughter after this Italian diminution of Alexis, which means ‘a defending warrior.’

  1. Agnes

The lovable baby girl named ‘Agnes’ belonged to a popular saint, which means ‘pure.’ It became out of the trend name after the 1970s, but it has regained its significance, and parents choose this name for their kiddo. 

Moreover, it is a given name that emerged from the Greek Ἁγνή Hagnḗ, which means ‘holy’ and ‘pure.’ After that, the name passed to leading Italian as Agnese, Spanish as Inés, and to Portuguese às Inês.

  1. Annabelle

It is a top-notch feminine given name of pervasive English origin or a major amalgamation of the Latin name ‘Anna.’ It comes from the Hebrew word, where it means ‘grace,’ and the French word ‘belle,’ which means beauty. 

Therefore, this elegant name means ‘favored grace.’ Lastly, this sweetest baby girl’s name was memorialized by Edgar Allen Poe in this graceful poem. If you have recently delivered your baby girl, name her ‘Annabelle.’

  1. Azalea

You have noticed this charming flower blooming in your garden or another’s backyard. To put it simply, ‘Azalea’ means a beautiful and fresh flower. 

It is also the best baby girl name from the list, which has acquired immense recognition along with the aforementioned names. However, in Greek mythology, it means ‘dry.’ So, this name becomes a highly renowned baby girl name that starts with A. 

  1. Amara

The name ‘Amara’ is a leading name belonging to both Hindu and the Christian religion, which has countless meanings. It means ‘grass,’ ‘assistance,’ ‘immortal one,’ ‘steadfast,’ ‘long-lasting,’ ‘aid,’ and ‘lovely forever.’ 

Nevertheless, it was previously the 140th famous girls’ name. In 2019, approx 1982, baby girls were registered in this name in the USA. So, it is an extraordinary name that has massive eminence in various parts of the world and traditions. Recently, Amara has listed one of the notable 600 baby girl names. 

  1. Abriella

The top-notch meaning of ‘Abriella,’ appeared from the full name ‘Gabrielle,’ which means ‘the pillar of epitome derived from almighty.’ It is mainly pronounced as ‘AhbreeELLah.’ It is a top trending name for baby girls, well-known for its attractive traits. 

However, if you have leading French roots, you might name your bundle of joy after ‘Abriella.’ Its substitutes or variants are ‘Aubrielle’ and ‘Aubriella.’

Concluding words

Every mom knows the specialty of her beautiful and charming daughter. So, all these aforementioned names are enriched in uniqueness and elegance. That’s why you should pick one of your preferences to make her feel proud. 

Moreover, these top 10 lists of baby girl names that start with A will always help you choose the best one! So after growing up, she will remember that she is so unique and one of a kind! 

Lastly, these curated lists of baby names have scrupulously included those contemporary and eminent names only!