Having an effective SEO strategy is essential if you want your website to rank higher on search engines. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through topic clusters. Topic clusters are a powerful SEO technique that involves creating content around a specific keyword or topic and then linking related topics and subtopics. This practice helps search engines better understand the context of the content and provide more relevant search results for users. It also helps you create highly informative content that potential customers can easily find. Using topic clusters, you can ensure that your content is well-structured, comprehensive, and targets multiple key phrases related to a single theme or topic.

These days topic-based content has gained a lot of popularity. Even well-known search algorithms like Google have started to favor them as well. Due to these contents, websites can now utilize a new method of linking all the contents. Content strategists mainly utilize the topic cluster. It helps them to rank much higher in search engine results. You must make clusters based on a specific topic. After that, you can create the pillar page and subpages. You can also take up a digital marketing course to learn more about the topic clusters.

Defining Topic Clusters

So, what are topic clusters? Well, they are interlinked pages of a specific topic or a subject. But the topic cluster is known by not just one but several different names. Due to such reasons, individuals become a little confused.

But this is exactly what SEO likes doing – producing countless variations on the same. Some of these terms are:

  • Spoke
  • Hub
  • Pillar Pages
  • Topic Clusters
  • Content Hubs

No matter how you address them, it means the same thing. Apart from that, you will find three primary elements of the topic cluster, which are:

  • Interlinks the Pages
  • It has a group of pages that covers all the subtopics
  • A page that focuses on the primary topic

When you have all three of these components, you will get a “topic cluster.” You can learn more about topic clusters from this video: 


Why are Topic Clusters crucial for SEO?

The SEO topic clusters are pretty important. It can easily help search engines to learn a site’s hierarchy. In return, the search engines will view the site in the form of an authority on a particular topic or subject. A topic cluster is an excellent way through which you can lay out the architecture of a website.

But remember, Google has never mentioned that it has ever utilized the topic cluster. Besides that, it has also not pointed out the advantages it has in-store. Google’s Webmaster rules have mentioned that: “Individuals should develop a site with a proper page hierarchy.” This is completely open for clarification.

But like all the other things you find in SEO, the topic clusters SEO is made by SEOs itself and not by Google. It does so to complete all the work. Experts have said that these topic clusters are highly beneficial for Search Engine Optimization. It is mainly because

  • It can naturally develop all the internal links
  • Build an authority for the website by covering up a subject or topic
  • Place all the relevant information together. Doing so will become easier for search engines and users to locate them.

The making of Topic Clusters: steps to follow

When it comes to creating topic clusters, the procedure is not that difficult. You must follow certain steps that can help you build one. These steps are:

Step 1: Pick out a topic

Before you get into the cluster-building work, you must select/choose a topic. You are free to opt for any topic you want. But make sure the topic you pick is based on one single concept. The topic should be 2 to 3 or 4 to 5 words. For instance, “The Rise of Space Tourism” or “Secrets of Ancient Egypt.”

These topics are pretty broad and will help you produce a great amount of content. But don’t make it too complex. Don’t just focus on the keywords; focus on the topic’s terms. Here are some of the things which you should follow when picking a topic:

  • Create proper subtopics
  • Do proper research on the topic
  • Don’t depend on the search volume.

You can easily create a topic with the help of keywords. This will make it a lot easier for you to create a cluster. For instance, if you come across a keyword like “gaming websites,” you can create topics like:

  • Best Gaming Websites for 2023
  • Gaming Websites Worth Checking Out
  • The Future of Gaming Websites

Step 2: Conduct Keyword Research on the chosen topic

Keyword research is compulsory when building a topic cluster. The keyword research must be done before you start writing and researching the topic. This is a vital step as it will let you know whether or not you’re on the correct path.

Keyword research can prevent you from wasting too much time. It will also help you produce unique and outstanding content. You can begin the keyword research on Wikipedia.

This platform has articles on various topics, and it also interlinks with other subtopics. This is similar to how the SEO topic cluster does. You can use Wikipedia to get some ideas, which will certainly be helpful.

Besides that, you can also use Keyword research tools. These tools can help you find and analyze keywords utilized by your competitors. You will come across keywords that are “strong,” “weak,” and “missing.” It will help with your topic cluster.

Step 3: Look for more subtopics when you don’t have much

It’s compulsory to include multiple subtopics when writing about a particular topic. That way, you can easily provide more information on it. Make sure to include as many subtopics as you can. That way, you can easily offer a detailed explanation of a subject or topic you’re writing on.

For instance, if you’ve chosen a topic related to “Active Volcanoes,” you need to provide subtopics like:

  • How are volcanoes formed?
  • Where are the volcanoes located?
  • What happens after the volcano erupts?

Ensure the subtopics you add are relevant and contain all the important keywords.

Final thoughts

To create high-quality content for a business, you should provide information related to the business. But you can easily save energy and time by utilizing the topic cluster model. It will help your content to stand out among your competitors. Besides that, it will also enable you to create content that is unique and engaging.