Video marketing is not so simple as it may seem. To make a good video ad is not enough. Right posting resolves half of the deal. For those who have just started in marketing and advertising we are going to highlight what is a video ad network and how to choose the best one.

Common idea of video ad networks

You must admit that the most difficult task after making a video is to find where to publish it. Searchings, communication and discussion take our precious time and you may never be sure that you are save from dishonest people or fraud actions.

Video networks serve as a third-party for those who has a video ad, and help website owners to make some money by posting various videos, banners and other advertisements.

Logically, video ad networks deal with video ads. There are not so many pure companies specializing exactly on video, but not all ad platforms are ready to work with video format as the area is quite specific.

You are no longer worried about routine staff, you enjoy your business and track the results.

How to work with video advertising network?
  • Choose the advertising platform.
  • Select video. It is ok if you have several ones, network’s manager will help you with the best one or gives a piece of advice how to optimize.
  • Tell the name and give description of your video, if necessary.
  • Mention your target audience and company goals.
  • Confirm media plan and launch of the campaign.
Some advice about online video advertising companies

Price. It is mainly the key factor for the services. Clear up all the details how pricing will be affected on skipping in 2-3 seconds, for example. It is also worth to know what kind of watching is expect at lower costs.

Pay attention to statistics. Quantity index doesn’t cover all other things, make deep analysis of other factors including likes, sharings, comments and so on.

*The more information you get from the network, the better. Ask to have a video or demo-access to personal account.

A piece of trick about video players. Networks usually publish the videos using their own player, think how you can insert useful buttons “like”, “share”, “recommend”. It will be a great help for seo optimization.