Change is inevitable, especially in the world of marketing. This is evident in how the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to the digitization of marketing strategies. Consumer needs and behaviors have dramatically changed as most business patrons prefer to shop online.

To maintain growth, businesses need to stay tuned to the ever-changing marketing landscape. What worked last year may not be enough to creep ahead in 2021. That said, here are 8 of the best marketing techniques for 2021 that marketers may consider using.

1.   Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to the practice of creating valuable and helpful content to entice customers. It leads the list thanks to the enormous effect it brings on the revenue generation of a business. Often considered a powerhouse technique for digital marketing, it not only allows for creativity to run wild but also provides an easy way to track success with analytics.

Sharing high-quality content is usually the backbone of a solid content marketing strategy. Although creating an effective content marketing plan can be overwhelming even, the results often pay off. You can start by setting your objectives, finding your niche, getting to know your audience, and finally creating a content marketing plan.

2.   Search Engine Optimization

This technique is commonly referred to as the holy grail of marketing. Most businesses currently include it in their marketing plan since it is a cost-effective, organic way to build online brand authority. As your website ranks higher in search engines and becomes more visible on the internet, it helps increase your brand’s credibility.

SEO involves incorporating keywords related to your products/services on your site. This requires conducting keyword research to see what your target audience is searching for.

By investing in SEO, you can increase your website’s visibility purely based on authenticity and uniqueness.

3.   Social Media Marketing

It’s no secret that the changing face of social media has been instrumental in the way businesses have shifted their marketing strategies. Statistics indicate that 54% of social browsers use social media to research products. There can’t be a better time than now for marketers to think about how they can capitalize on this resource.

Building an online following on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram can cultivate an engaged community and loyal clients, opening up a large arena for pushing sales, promotions, and new releases. As you implement this technique, remember that social media is often a two-way street, where you share your brand qualities and interact with customers.

4.   Podcast Marketing

Popularly referred to as “radio on-demand”, podcasting has revolutionized the marketing world. It’s a marketing approach that uses a prerecorded audio program published on the website and has conquered many marketers thanks to its prominent subscription feature. With Really Simple Syndication (RSS), the listeners are alerted when a new podcast is available, eliminating the need to implement a new marketing campaign.

Businesses can use podcasting to assume a greater engagement to current and potential customers. Linking the podcast to other social media channels can also increase the reach and participation within your community. Podcast marketing can be a game-changer when used effectively and efficiently.

5.   Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the best channels for drumming up views not only on platforms like YouTube but also on your website. While creating amazing video content requires a bit of finesse, it can certainly pay off. As per video marketing statistics, 83% of video marketers say that video helps them with lead generation and 68% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than Google Ads (Biteable).

This technique requires patience and dedication. You need a recording device, stellar content, and video editing software. Additionally, mockup testing needs to be included as a key practice in every video marketing strategy. It can be the best strategy to help visualize the finished product before your customer enjoys it.

6.   Influencer Marketing

There’s no denying that influencers are the tastemakers of the present and future, and partnering with them can be a great way to expand your brand awareness. Influencer marketing is built on trust, with followers trusting the creators they follow to give them genuine recommendations on products/services.

Word-of-mouth has been an effective marketing strategy for ages, and influencer marketing is a digital form of traditional word-of-mouth. It’s normally cost-effective, which means that companies of all sizes can use it to promote their brands. Marketers can work with social media influencers to execute a variety of marketing activities, such as contests and referral programs, to increase brand visibility. It’s worth pointing out that companies need to tread cautiously while selecting influencers to ensure their community ideals and aesthetics align with their brand.

7.   Email Marketing

Email marketing is consistently one of the most effective strategies for sales. According to, for every $1 spent on email marketing, a whopping $42 is made in return. It can also be a relatively low-stress technique thanks to marketing automation. Since it allows for constant touches in a customer’s inbox, it is an inoffensive yet persistent way to nurture and warm leads and promotions.

Businesses can utilize a variety of methods to grow their online lists, including promoting downloadable content, capturing email addresses on their website, and retargeting users who engaged in paid ads. You can track success via open rates, click-through data, and unsubscribe rates.

8.   Brand Storytelling

Despite its ancient origins, storytelling can be one of the pillars on which to base and cultivate the relationship between brand and customer. It can offer an incredible opportunity to connect with users and sell your product through one of their many marketing options. One of the most notable is Instagram stories.

You can influence your audience directly or indirectly. Posting your product for those who already follow is a key part of the marketing strategy. By nurturing your audience, you could convert them into loyal customers.

Emotional connection can be an essential component of marketing success. Therefore, businesses need to put more effort into connecting with their audience.

Final Thoughts

The most successful marketing strategies may vary, not only between businesses, but as marketing trends and innovations change too. We’ve outlined some of the best marketing techniques, and now you have a chance to act on the information. Don’t be afraid to test various waters until you find what works best.