If you are tired and bored of traditional dating, there are ways in which you can uplift your dating life. Online cam dating is the biggest fad in the dating culture worldwide. It’s almost like speed dating wherein you hop from one person to another immediately.

Sounds interesting? If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and jump into the bandwagon of cam dating, you should know of the perfect platform for the same. Coomeet is one of the most preferred, anonymous and popular ways of video chat and dating. 

What is Coomeet?

Coomeet is an immensely popular online dating platform wherein instead of swiping the profiles, you can directly chat with the strangers. As Omegle Plus, it has all the popular features and functions that all and most such alternatives provide. 

As mentioned, there are other alternatives but there are reasons why Coomeet turns out to be a very promising alternative in this respect. Below are the reasons that vouch for the perfection that Coomeet has in store:

Anonymous Video Chats

Privacy is always a perennial user concern as not many people are open to or comfortable with their identity revealed online. This is where Coomeet provides a perfect set up wherein the customer identity and concerns are never compromised.

You can chat in a completely anonymous manner. The platform does not even seek this information. When the information is not sought in the first place, the sharing of such data becomes a secondary concern. 

Your anonymity will be retained. Your privacy will be maintained. You will also have the most perfect setup for ensuring that you can chat with random strangers and develop an understanding based on communication.

Not a Shallow Platform

Most online dating applications solely leave looks and profile as the sole criteria for engagement. If you like the way someone looks, you swipe them right. If you do not like the way they look, you reject them. Isn’t it shallow to have only looks based factors for assessing your likeness towards someone?

Coomeet is not that shallow. It helps you assess people based on their conversational skills or ability to entertain you. It does not lay an emphasis entirely on looks. You can chat, converse and then assess the likeability of the person on the other side. 

Video Chat with your mobile

You are never restricted in your interactions with Coomeet. You can chat with any platform that is compatible with the internet and also possesses a camera. So, if you want to chat with your laptop, desktop or even your mobile phone, you can do so.

Most internet based video chatting applications do not have a great adaptability to mobile phones. However, that is not the case with Coomeet. Its streaming on mobile phones is as perfect as on the desktop.

Chat without Registration

Almost all dating applications, sites and platforms possess a registration requirement. Registration is not only necessary, it also becomes very time consuming. Such platforms will keep seeking information from you. They will also ask for your profile set up.

You never face any sort of registration requirements with Coomeet. You do not need to register, you also do not need to set your profile page before you can officially begin video chatting. It does not seek any unnecessary information from your end. 

Coomeet is clear about the purpose of its users and no amount of additional information is sought that could hinder your experience. You can start the video chatting with bare minimum information. Just as you provide camera access to Coomeet, your chatting begins.

Simple Interface

Coomeet has a very simple interface. It does not complicate the procedures by unnecessarily having too many features at once place. The interface has been crafted to make it seem very understandable- even for those who are using such a platform for the first time.

It is extremely simple to function with. You do not need to read or see any manual to know how to effectively use Coomeet. It can be really liberating even for a first timer to attain the level of perfection with it. 

Genuine Users

Coomeet ensures that there are only genuine users at the platform. You will not find any bots or fake people using some other profile. Dating app crimes are growing a lot wherein people steal identities on the internet.

At Coomeet, people cannot pretend to be someone they are not because you directly video chat on the platform. Hence, there cannot be any chance wherein the person on the other side could be deceiving you. This way, a lot of security of conduct is ensured.

Search According to location

At times we are caught up in a Catch 22 situation when we have shifted to a new place and have no friends. A new country or a new beginning with different  ethnicity can make you feel desolated. You can attain advantage out of these situations with the help and assistance of Coomeet.  

You will still be able to talk to people from different parts of the world. You can chat with people from anywhere in the world. A lot of users are actively using Coomeet everyday for finding companionship on the platform. So, whatever hour of the day it is, you will always find company.

Best Video Chats

You do not just video chat on Coomeet, you experience the platform on a daily basis. Every new conversation you have on the platform will seem liberating to you. You can be as open about your life as you want as none of your private details will ever be reflected. 


You will become addicted to online cam dating if you have already tried it as Omegle Plus user. Whatever be the agenda of your interaction- friendship, battling loneliness, getting over someone, you will find your way. 

Many users around the world became ardent users of Coomeet because of all the things it offers at no cost. You cannot put a price on nice companionship and Coomeet offers that to you in abundance.