PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising channel implies that an advertiser will be charged for each time his ad was clicked. Impressions or conversions make no difference here.

The potential of this model is enormous and, when tuned correctly, can bring a lot of good traffic, but mostly companies are frightened by higher costs in comparison with other models.

Advantages of PPC advertising platform is in its clear money spending, you can track each cent spent and can rely on a particular audience you need.

By the way, generated revenue from PPC campaigns is near 12 billion dollars for last year and the sum is expected to grow.

How to get maximum effect from PPC platforms?
  • Best visibility can be guaranteed from platforms with the biggest share on the search market. Google Adsense as a father in advertising knows a lot about it.

  • The social network is king. Detailed targeting allows showing your ads to a really devoted audience. Facebook knows how to get only necessary clicks. But be aware, that social platforms is an addition to your campaign and new posts should appear not less than on a weekly basis.
  • Newbies in PPC marketing will certainly need assistance and help for lower costs. Bing can be such a platform. But it is not good at international traffic as in some countries its share is quite small.

  • Use professional platforms for professional services. Linkedin can be mentioned as a good example. In this network, people are usually in a search of a job and feel serious. Thus, ads about new methods of slimming will hardly suit.
A bottom line

Correct combination of keywords, content, images and value proposition will easily allow you to sell your goods and get solid customers. The variety of PPC advertising networks is huge, but before making any actions you should be confident about matching of what you have to a typical punter.