Atlas Double click
Facebook owned and agency-focused Google owned & publisher/exchange focus
Not so strong in video technology (VPAID ad creator, Interactive video blocks, video certification Core Instream capabilities, YouTube focused. Video integration is quite easy in DCM
Global presence, technical support & local service in over 141 countries Disparate coverage in largest countries & US service focus. Double Click is leading in most countries including US and other 215 countries.
Atlas is currently compatible to 1,82,564 websites approximately DCM is currently compatible to currently 1,716,826 websites approximately
Never been a Rich Media platform and struggles to innovate in this channel Continuous innovation in new formats, rising star awards from Rich Media legacy
Attribution report is not available in Atlas. Attribution report is available in double click. We can get source wise report
Verification tool is not available in Atlas . So we cannot able to indicate the domains and URLs where  your ads serve . Verification checks your DCM ad tags to make sure they are well-formed and provides quick statistics on Geo-targeting and default ad rates. Verification also indicates the domains and URLs where your ads serve, and classifies your page content into categories.
Site tagging implementation through atlas is quite complex and tiring process. Through Flood light tagging and GTM , the tagging becomes quite simple and we can do multiple levels of tagging through single platform.
Dynamic creative run is not possible in Atlas We can run dynamic tags through DCM and it will reduce the time and we can control the dynamic creatives at our end.
A/B Testing concept is not available in Atlas A/B testing concept is inbuilt within DCM through which we can check the performance of the creative.