It seems that everything sounds cool and clear. But like any other concept or marketing tactics, content marketing has pros and cons, which you need to be aware of before you begin to dive in there with your head. And we tell about them not on the basis of information from textbooks, but from our experience, for which we paid with a small amount of money.

Pros of Content Marketing:

  • Useful for potential customers –  And this is a different tone of a conversation, especially if you are not greedy and share truly valuable information.
  • One of the types of native advertising –  Which is considered the most unobtrusive and most importantly does not cause irritation.
  • Low budget advertising – Partly, plus controversial, but still you must remember that saving money will have to pay a waste of time;
  • High status – You give extremely useful information, which means in the eyes of the client you are an expert who proves the full depth of his competence;
  • Virus – With the right approach, content can begin to spread like a virus, and this guarantees you a huge reach (flow) of people without additional investments;
  • It works for a long time – It is also a controversial plus, but I know a case when a person brought his video to the top of the YouTube channel, then radically changed the scope of his activities, but after 3 years, people interested in his past services addressed him;
  • Fame – Besides the fact that you show yourself as an expert, you also become more popular, because your face, your name, wherever a person goes. Figuratively speaking, first you work on the content, then the content works for you;
  • Growth in SEO – Well, quite a trifle – a lot of high-quality content directly affects your website during search results.

Cons of Content Marketing:

  • Long story – If someone tells you that content marketing is “quick.” Do not believe! This is a long, constant, hard work. And far from one specialist (with a qualitative approach). As they say, checked in their own skin”;
  • Many tasks – The budget required is not big, but this does not mean that there will be few tasks. There will be a lot of them. To write an article is one thing; optimizing it for SEO is another; buying links to it is the third. That is, either you will make the content slowly, or you will have to contact an organization specializing in this;
  • Full time job – Remember we talked about the advantage that it works for a long time? So there is a downside, which says that with strong competition every day the content should become better and better, right up to perfection. Otherwise, you lose your position;