The digital era calls for marketers with good writing skills to enable them to overcome competition and make sales. More people are changing their buying behavior and spending more time shopping online to compare goods and services before making a purchase.

Marketers must move with the changing trends and provide the much-needed information online to help online shoppers make decisions in their favor. Every time a client is pleased with the information provided concerning a certain good or service, they are likely to buy and become repetitive clients.

Online marketing is content focused

Every day, millions of content are consumed online by people seeking answers to their needs. There are more people interested in reading to obtain information that will help them make decisions. There are different ways of creating content that provides answers to online visitors. 

Content relevance is what will make any potential client stop at your site and take time reading your content. Without content, visitors will likely bypass your site and move on to other sites that have content available.

As a marketer, you must develop your writing skills to enable you to attract traffic to your site and convert the traffic into business, and in turn, increase profitability. 

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You become specialized in the field

The old way of marketing using brochures, business cards, and newspaper ads is quickly fading away. A majority of marketers were trained on the old skills and they have to retrain on how to make it in the new ways of marketing.

The more you keep writing your marketing content, the more you get yourself conversant with the new online marketing trends and you gain specialty in the marketing field, able to create eye-catching content that converts.

Through specialization, you can answer any question posed by your clients and also provide content that builds confidence in clients who visit your site and read your content making your growth curve steady in an upward direction. Every visitor who visits your site is the one who will bring to your business more profits and refer to others.

You grow your portfolio

In the physical marketing world, the experience is measured by the number of certificates the marketer displays, the number of awards they hold, and the number of clients they can show. It is different in the online marketing world. 

Your experience will be measured by the amount of content you have provided, meaning they are answers to client’s questions. You will also be judged by the number of views and reviews you receive or the number of stars your site holds. 

The more content you post online, the more you become known by clients and the more traffic you add to your site. It is paramount that you create strong content that provides answers to your clients and not just information. An informed online shopper is an empowered potential client.

You learn to convey ideas

Today, people want to consume short information quickly and move on to other things. The marketer should be able to market a brand using content as short as 300 words and convey the idea behind it precisely and clearly.

If you are marketing on social media, you need even shorter messages that communicate the idea as much as longer content would do. A marketer on Twitter needs barely 180 characters, while a marketer on Pinterest needs photos more than words. 

Every marketer needs to be well acquainted with every writing skill applicable in every niche of marketing. Some marketers may opt to outsource for content writers, but it is also good if you learn the skill and only outsource once your business demands increase. When a business picks up accelerated growth, it will afford hiring staff who will help create more content and attract greater business opportunities. 


Marketers who envision becoming great marketers ought to train themselves on how to become great writers. The market today has shifted focus and leaned more on the online side. Content writing and marketing go hand in hand if any marketer makes it to convince clients and make a sale for his business. Marketing content goes beyond words and paragraphs in a site to relevant content consumable by anyone that lands into your online. 

Author’s Bio:

Connie Elser works as a marketing consultant in the corporate sector and manages key accounts for her agency. She has great knowledge in business management and shares her knowledge with college students who need help with their academic writing work in essays and research papers. In her free time, she plays tennis, meditates and loves exploring street food.