•  Who was the first to use the Internet?

Ans:Charley Kline at UCLA sent the first packets on ARPANet as he tried to connect to      Stanford Research Institute on Oct 29, 1969

  •  When was the first formal advertising done on the Internet?

Ans:It was October 1994 by AT&T .It did turn out to be accurate , people clicked !



  • When was the first rich media ad shown and who made it ?

Ans:The first rich media ad was shown in 1996 and was created by a San francisco based agency “Red Sky Interactive”. The advertiser was HP and the banner was called “The pong banner”.



  • What was google called earlier?

Ans: BackRub

  • When was the First central Ad server released ?

Ans: July 17, 1995 by FocaLink Media Services.

  • When was the first local Ad server released ?

Ans: January 1996 by NetGravity for delivering online advertising at major publishing sites such as Yahoo and Pathfinder.

  • What is the “Ad Selector” name of ATLAS ?

Ans: WARP , it is among the most powerful in the world, making billions of decisions a day and trillions in its lifetime.

  • How many servers do doubleclick has ?

Ans : 23

  • Who brought the concept of DYNAMIC TRACKING ?

Ans : Millward Brown , global company focused on brands, media and communications.

  • What is that technology called which can also record your keystokes as a tracking purpose ?

Ans : Beacon

  • What is GATOR or GATOR Advertisement?

Ans : Gator is a technology which gave a way to companies to advertise on rival companies sites by selling Ads that are designed to block banners on that site so as to hide their own banners. This technology used to completely obscure the original Ad.Gator’s ad formats only include pop-ups, pop-unders, and sliders.

It is in no more use as it was a wrong practice or unfair competition , faced number of legal prosecutions and ultimately lead to it’s demise.

  • What was the first measurement metric called?

Ans: Hits, now it is outdated.

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