Creating a website can be a tedious job, and you’ll have to put enormous effort into making it right the first time. Whether you are launching a business or you simply are indenting to sell products, you’ll need a reliable platform, with a proper layout and all the features needed for your customers to get instantly hooked. If you feel a bit lost and do not know where to start, we summed up some of the 5 common mistakes most people make at the beginning of creating a website.

Not suitable for mobiles

Now, statistically, people spend around two and a half to three hours per day on their mobile phones. These rough numbers do not include the people whose job is to be on social media, such as social media managers and influencers. You can imagine the effectiveness of making your website suitable for mobile phones. We are not talking about an app, although that would be the next step, rather making the site responsive and well-working on smaller screens.

Make sure to provide your users and potential customers with a great mobile phone experience, suiting their needs and expectations.

The design/layout

When it comes to looks, the website should have a proper layout and be well designed in terms of it having a certain appeal and of course, it having a proper layout. It essentially means making the content of your website easily approachable for your many users, correctly putting together the map, and making all the features accessible. You’ll want the users to sign up, subscribe to newsletters they can receive, and look at their wish list or cart without any confusion. A proper web design incorporates all these mentioned features and characteristics making it more appealing to the consumer. If you are starting, maybe hiring someone to do the job is a far better option. You can always turn to Fort Lauderdale website design services when in need of someone doing the site for you. Such services can determine the usefulness of your site and business. If your customers get frustrated at a certain point at the functionality of the site and have seconds of doubts about ever using it, it means you are losing their trust and damaging your reputation. Make it simple, have several categories, and make it easy to handle and access. Avoid flashy colors, and distracting texts no one reads or sees, and make sure to use a proper background. With this said, we hope you’ll consider our advice and make sure to make it more than functional.

Always keep track of new updates

A website is effective when you are updating it regularly, with every new thing coming up. Whether you have a new product or sales and discounts, make sure the site is the first to know. This means, your customers will want to have access to information regarding your business, therefore make sure to regularly check the data on the site and let everything be in line.

Connect it to other platforms

Besides making the content readable for the audience, place the information in such a manner that it is easily accessible to the customers. Imagine someone trying to find the “About Us” section of the site, if he or she gets lost, it means it is time to change the layout. Now, another step is connecting it with all the other platforms of social media. People, as said, spend a lot of time on social media, therefore linking the site to your Instagram account or Facebook can boost your visits and followings. If someone happens to be scrolling down their Instagram and he/she crosses your product, you should have a little option allowing them to directly engage in your website, via link. This will not only expand your business but will also build a larger following for your brand.

You’ll need something to enhance the visits

We are talking of an SEO tool to help you boost your website visits. These tools can help you improve your website in terms of visits, and not only that but also in terms of ranking. Just ask yourself a simple question, when was the last time you went to the third page in your Google engine, or any other search engine as a matter of fact. Therefore, enhancing the ranking of your site makes it more accessible for potential visitors and therefore more appealing. With such a simple trick, you can ensure a large number of people first click on your and then others’ website.

As said, creating a website is a lot of work, therefore we encourage thinking it over several times before making the final decision.