Simply to explain Ad verification is the process of checking the banner or the Ad is appearing at the right place i.e right web page so that it can catch the right audience.It’s the new area of digital marketing technology that has the potential to change how marketers buy media and how impressions are valued in the marketplace.

Nowadays its the major issue that concerns both marketers and publishers for ensuring that ads appear on intended websites or pages, and that they reach their targeted audiences. To help overcome this issue, companies began taking part in ad verification, typically utilizing third-party services to check their ads for any discrepancies that may be hindering optimal delivery. The Best known companies that offer ad verification technology are DoubleVerify, AdSafe Media, and AdXPose, etc..


Pictorial Explanation or Ad Verification process :


  1. The marketers or Media reaches the Ad verification agencies for the It’s Ads to be served securely at right place.
  2. The Ad verification agencies wrap the tags with their snippet , example if the creative is of DART , when wrapped by Adsafe it becomes “Dart wrapped with Adsafe”.For your reference : Look at the codebelow ,<SCRIPT language=’JavaScript1.1′ SRC=”;sz=728×90;ord=[timestamp]?”>
    <A HREF=”;sz=728×90;ord=[timestamp]?”>
    <IMG SRC=”;sz=728×90;ord=[timestamp]?” BORDER=0 WIDTH=728 HEIGHT=90 ALT=”Advertisement”></A>
    </NOSCRIPT>This is a Dart tag wrapped with Adsafe.
  3. Now the wrapped up tags are sent to the Ad Networks , Exchanges or Direct Placement to traffic and make the Ads live , depending upon which Advertiser is using what.. The creatives go live !
  4. The Ad verification agencies works start as the Ads go live.
  5. At the end they provide with the reports having performance data , placement , engagements etc..

Guidelines for Ad Verification as per IAB : Click Here !!

One big reason for all these verification process is due to JavaScript not being a secure language. Any script in a page has intimate access to all of the information and relationships of the page. This makes use of mashups and scripted advertising unacceptably risky, So rising the need of Ad verification companies who takes care of this risk by their own respective procedures.

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