PDFs are notoriously difficult to use online. Some websites won’t take them, others only take really small ones. Sometimes, they aren’t even allowed at all. 

Thankfully, there are a few ways to get around the problem. From converting to linking, there are options to still use your PDF where you need it. 

Keep reading to learn how to take your PDF flier and place it on your social media platform or website. 

Converting a PDF Document to a JPEG Image

When your website absolutely won’t allow PDF documents, sometimes the best workaround is to change the PDF into a picture. This can be a tricky process sometimes, as manipulating PDFs is pretty difficult.

Thankfully, there are websites out there that let you do it easily, and are pretty safe. If you want to convert a PDF to JPEG online, it is pretty easy to do, you just want to make sure the website is safe and trustworthy. 

The steps for PDF to JPEG online are pretty simple.

  1. Go to the secure website
  2. Select the PDF you would like to convert and upload it to the website
  3. Make any changes that may be necessary
  4. Convert the PDF to a JPEG
  5. Redownload as a JPEG
  6. Share onto the website or social media platform of your choice

Another downside to converting PDFs to JPEG is that if you have a lot of pages, you have to convert them all as individual files often. If your flier has multiple pages, it can get mixed up and confusing when you are trying to upload the JPEG images online. 

Look for Work Arounds

Sometimes, social media platforms have workarounds as well. For example, Facebook doesn’t allow PDFs to be posted through normal means. However, you can post PDFs onto business pages. 

If you still want to maintain your PDF without including links, trying to find workarounds for your specific platform may be another option.

Linking Your PDF

If you don’t feel comfortable converting your PDF to a JPEG, there is sometimes another option. It doesn’t always work, as some websites will outright ban all PDFs and links to PDFs. 

However, if they don’t ban them, this is a simple way to link your PDFs and put them on your website or social media without having to make efforts to convert them. 

  1. The first step is to upload your PDF to a website. Places like Google Docs, Dropbox, or any other sharing service are the best options. 
  2. Once the PDF is uploaded, you can copy the link for the PDF file. Usually, they will generate one for you. Make sure you make the document accessible so that anyone who clicks on the link can view it. 
  3. Place the link on a post, on a business page, or in the HTML code where you want the PDF link to be. 
  4. If you want to make it look nice, you can even connect the link to an anchor text.
  5. Always make sure you test the link. You want to check not only on your computer but another one as well. This way, you can make sure the link works for everyone. 
  6. If it isn’t working, it may be a security issue with the program you uploaded the PDF to. Otherwise, it might be a problem with the website or platform you are trying to upload to. Sometimes, websites limit the size, and others may outright not allow any PDFs, even via links. 

Linking your PDFs to your website or social media doesn’t have to be a pain. With just a few extra steps, you can link your PDF or convert it into a JPEG to make it easy and still make sure people get to see your flier in great quality.