Advertising is a form of marketing communication using different strategies to impact consumers thoughts, feeling and action.

Advertising can be broadly categorized into two parts:


There can be many differences between online and offline advertising but they have just one similarity between  them i.e. In the both the form of advertising you need to know your target audience!!

Difference between offline and online advertising:

Mode of communication is physicalMode of communication is through internet
The approach to the customer is very slowApproach to the customer is very fast and effortless
Success of the campaign cannot be tracked easilySuccess of the campaign can be easily tracked and changes can be made accordingly
Everything here is a manual approachNew technologies being used making a lot of work automatic
Very tough to manage and requires a lot of staffNot very easy to manage but yes comfortable than offline advertising as in online mind plays more
This still captures larger area as many don’t use internetThe reach is increasing day by day but still a lot users to cover all over
No interactivityInteractivity here is a bigger attraction
It is tough to know much about the target audienceWith rising technologies it has become easy to know your target audience behavior well
Re-targeting is beyond the advertiser. It’s all luck if the same user looks on the same AdRe-targeting here is much easier than offline
No source of knowing the Ads reached how many personsIn this it can be easily tracked that how many user saw the Ad
Relevant targeting is not possibleOn the maximum case ads are targeted to the relevant users
People remember it very well as something physical is attached hereYou see so many ads that you forget maximum of them
Location of the Ad matters a lotLocation of the ad matters here but less than as in offline

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