SNo. Ad Server Name Link
1 SmartyAds
2 Ad Condustor
3 Ad Dispenser
4 AdButler
5 AdJuggler
6 AdLantis
7 AdNologies
8 Adplugg
9 AdPreference
10 AdServer Solutions
11 AdSpeed
12 AdSpirit Ad Server
13 AdTech
14 AdvertServe
15 Adzerk
16 Aerserve
17 AppNexus
18 Broadstreetads
19 Conversant/MediaPlex
20 DFP Premium
21 DFP Small Business
22 dJax Ad Server
23 E Planning
24 Epom
25 ExAds
26 Expo9
27 FlashTalking
28 iBillBoard Ad Server
29 inClick Ad Server
30 MadServe
31 Moceanmobile
32 MoPub
33 My Simple Ads
34 NetSprint
35 Nexage
36 NoPrimeTime
37 OpenX
38 Operative
39 Orbit Open Ad Server
40 Otlix
41 PointRoll
42 Revive Ad Server
43 Right Media
44 Rubicon
45 SiteScout
46 Smaato
47 Smart Ad Server
48 Spiral Ad Server
49 TradeDoubler
50 Ultra Ad Server
51 Value Ad
52 Viewzd
53 Zedo

31 thoughts on “List of Ad Server”

  1. Out of these which one is better to use? Should one pay for Djax Adserver? Which one will help in creating seperate login for publisher, advertiser and administrator? Also out of these which has best compatibility with WordPress sites?

  2. Also that which one better for a startup company? Which lacks funds? Which provide both functionality publisher, advertiser and administrator just like Djax Server?

  3. There’s a few missing here, but then it is possible you are not making the distinction between Publisher and Advertiser Ad Servers (there are two types).

    This list is mostly Advertiser (or 3rd party) ad servers and they are all missing from the above.

    Mediamind – Which is now called Sizmek MDX
    Atlas – Reborn recently at Facebook under the same name
    DFA – Google’s 3rd party ad server Doubleclick
    Weborama – An Adserver and Media buying capability big in France & Spain
    AdRiver – Big in Russia
    Adform – Nordics based but getting traction in the US
    Adfox – Also a publisher ad server big in Russia

    For more information get hold of a copy of my book on Adserving Technology on Amazon. For other questions – reach me on Twitter: @ideasears

  4. Hi Mr. Ashish, If you are looking for core ad server for advertiser, publishers and agencies then we provide all of them. We MBhitech Solutions provide ad serving platform for all third party ads. Any advertiser can create their own account and create ads and keep active. publishers can create their own account and create ad code and keep in their website or blogs where they want to show ads. and ad agency can work with you as affiliate partner with you. for more details contact us or visit our website.

  5. AVID Ad Server is a great option for getting maximum performance out of campaigns…it’s built for advertisers and/or publishers that want to get the most conversions from their spend.

  6. Looking for a white label ad server solution to setup my own ad server. I’ve found dJAX ad server as a good option. They have seperate pannel for admin, advertisers and publishers and that is exactly what i’m looking for. They have DMP is integrated with the product. Any other solutions other than this just looking for an alternative.

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