Every business owner wants to have products and services that are unique to the market or feature something that will set them apart from the competition in certain categories, such as distinct technology for specific job solving or a service that no one else offers. If you own a business, you should be aware that there is a legitimate danger of your company failing, as statistics show. Namely, only 50% of businesses function for the first five years, and just one-third of them succeed in the past ten years. These rates suggest that most business owners make strategic mistakes that make their business fail and these are not the only reasons, lacking something that will distinguish your business from the others is the real reason leading to failure. With an aim to prevent this, we made a short list of tips on how to make your business, products, and services stand out from the competition.

Customer Service

Regardless of the products sold, most firms prioritize customer service when discussing their business plan for marketing purposes. This is done on purpose since plenty of businesses try to imply that customer service is what makes them stand out from the competition. But it is about the thing being done and indeed offering extraordinary customer service. For instance, look at some brands that allow you to even customize your products according to your own taste. Some shoe manufacturers do not only let you customize your shoes per your own wish but let you try them out and see if that is what you asked for. Additionally, they offer you the possibility to return them after weeks or months if they do not meet your expectations.

Do Your Business in Your Own Way

It is essential to do your business differently than your competitors. You should look deeply into your business model and the strategy you set off and which proved to be a good one. Once you reach your stability, it is time to experiment and upgrade your business with some innovations, or set your course with doing the business in your own way. Let’s take a peek at some luxurious sales sites such as Farfetch. Instead of creating their own brand, which will be more expensive, they will resell some of the most exquisite brands’ things and make the site function flawlessly. When talking about small businesses, a good example is CarePack where people came up with the idea of custom making coffee packs per brand’s wishes. They will not only make you a great coffee packaging but will make your product stand out from the competition based on your own principle of functioning. By establishing your trademark, whether it is an extraordinary design or the way some operation is executed, you will create yourself a brand that other people will recognize among others.

Cause Marketing Approach

As a brand or business owner, you want to position yourself as a firm that values social responsibility and ethics, and you want your customers to unconsciously support your brand by buying your products or reserving your services. The cause of marketing can take a couple of different courses. To begin, you may show your support for certain smaller firms by collaborating with them and producing amazing things for them as well as yourself through effective marketing. Charity is also one of the phenomenal ways to show your support, raise awareness, and make your brand stand out as the one helping people in need. This can be done through campaigns with some organizations like children’s hospitals. Lastly, you can use your leverage to promote some of the social issues like loving all skins. A good example of this is Fenty beauty where professionals invested their time in the production of all possible shades of foundation, from the ones matching even the lightest complexions to the ones matching dark skin types, and therefore, sent a message that no one should feel left out even when doing their makeup.

Surprise Your Customers

Small acts of kindness have a positive influence on your customers and they will definitely make them remember your brand and purchase your products again. For instance, commercial clothing brands like PULL&BEAR send you gift cards and small notes saying “You are enough!” or “You matter!” to boost your confidence. A positive thing about this is that it is really effective since you will subconsciously remember these words while wearing the items you purchased. This is one of the phenomenal strategies that will make your business stand out from the competition.

There is a whole variety of things you can do to make your business stand out, from sufficient marketing campaigns to small details that will inspire your customers to buy your products again. What is really important is for your customers to see that you are honest with your operation and not doing something just for the sake of marketing.